Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's been a little over three years I think since Waitin for the DJ first popped up on the interwebs.  Since then, we've garnered an ungodly number of hits, begun receiving submissions from prominent and obscure artists across the world, and seen advertisers come and go and come again.

Throughout that entire history, we've never had to take a break or miss a week of new tracks and videos from all those artists and more until now.  The fact of the matter is that I'm heading to graduate school in Arizona and don't foresee any freetime in my future.  I'm already at a loss for time to post stuff on the blog.

So thanks for all the love thus far.  Check back every once in a while - I'm keeping all the links active so you can scour the archives for your favorite videos and material from the past.  Besides, you never know, I might just decide to pop back up one day.



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