Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hosted a "Wicked 90s" themed party last night. It was fuckin wild. This was one of a series of themed parties including a "Redneck Party" and a "Frat Party" (at which me made up our own frat - Chi Ti...get it?)

Anyway, good costumes, and good turnout (except for the cops). All you suckas missed a fun night for sure. I'll throw up a few pictures to give you a general idea.

Oh, and this counts as a music post cause I dressed as Run DMC. Check out my Adidas.

(1.) Me with all of the Spice Girls; (2.) Me, John Kidwell (the official DJ of the night and the winner of our "Most Wicked Vocabulary Award"), and Jon Lampe (who dressed hella grunge...but with a Hootie and the Blowfish hat); (3.) Me and Sam (the winner of the "Hella 90s Costume Award" -- check out that wicked windbreaker suit!).



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