Tuesday, March 31, 2009

P.O.S. (aka Pissed Off Stef, later revisioned as "Product Of Society," "Promise Of Stress,", "Promise Of Skill," or "Piece Of Shit") over on Rhymesayers just released Never Better. Straight off the bat, I've gotta say that this is my best album purchase of the year thus far. Everything about it is brilliant -- from the beats, to the lyrics, to the album artwork itself.

P.O.S. is an alternative hip-hopper who fully and unapologetically embraces the DIY punk rock logic. In fact, punk rock is right where the MC started out. According to our good friends Wikipedia, P.O.S. played in a short-lived high school punk act called "Om." I can certainly sympathize with the move from punk to hip-hop. Some brilliant dude somewhere once said "we're all sailing in the same sea towards equality, we're just taking different boats to get there" (or something like that) in regards to musical genres with a political or social conscience. Couldn't agree more.

The beats have the slightly-off eclectic feel of Rhymesayers labelmate Doom, with the refined production and soulful flow of Blackthought meets Atmosphere. The first single, "Optimist," starts with a beat created wholly from plastic drinking cups on a table, then blends nicely into a sick beat with fitting rhymes. Check it here:

The album artwork is incredible! The limited edition version comes with a selection of 5 transparencies and a foldout with 16 alterate covers, so you can put together your own combos for full customization! I love this hands on shit. Here's a video that explains the whole thing:

Mine features George Washington on the front under a transparency that reads "Kick & Snare & Kick & High Hat." On the back is none other than Danny Glover behind a transparent rainbow. I love it!

Sweet, right?
Alright, be sure to check the video for "Optimist" and if you like it, definitely definitely definitely go pick this up. Swing by sometime if you wanna give it a sample. I have no objections to a listening party. Heh heh.

If you want to check him live (and you aren't opposed to an all day outdoor punk rock music festival in the dead heat of August), you can see him on this summer's Warped Tour. Here's an excerpt of some dates in the St. Louis region (I'll be at the St. Louis one):

08.01 - Chicago, IL @ First Midwest Bank Amphitheater
08.02 - Minneapolis, MN @ Canterbury Park
08.03 - St. Louis, MO @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
08.04 - Kansas City, MO @ Sandstone Amphitheater
08.07 - Boise, ID @ Idaho Center Amphitheater
08.08 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Utah State Fairgrounds

Alright, one more video to go out on if you still aren't sure. This is an alternate version (after a short intro/interview) of track 3 on the album, "Savion Glover." Let me know what you think.


P.O.S. "Savion Glover" by Yours Truly from Yours Truly on Vimeo.
This one's for Nichols. You out there, man?
I've still got your Foreign Exchange album that I have yet to return.
To be perfectly honest, I couldn't really get into it that much. It was definitely good, but it had a little bit too much soul music influence for my taste. But the dudes are really cool, especially in this video.


The Foreign Exchange talks to SoulBounce.com from Soul Bounce on Vimeo.
It's great when one of your favorite musicians talks about one of his favorite musicians, then you find out that it's one of your other favorite musicians. Fuckin wild.
"I'll bet $1mil on Doom against Lil' Wayne."
-Mos Def
'Nuff said.


PS: I got that image from the 'Black Nerds Network' blog. Props.

The first single is set to drop on April 07, 2009. Check the widget at the footer of this page for the exact time and to hear it when it's released. Hit myspace.com/rancid for further details as they arise.


Let the Dominoes Fall
June 02, 2009

  1. East Bay Night
  2. This Place
  3. Up To No Good
  4. Last One To Die
  5. Disconnected
  6. I Ain't Worried
  7. Damnation
  8. New Orleans
  9. Civilian Ways
  10. The Bravest Kids
  11. Skull City
  12. L.A. River
  13. Lulu
  14. Dominoes Fall
  15. Liberty and Freedom
  16. You Want It, You Got It
  17. Locomotive
  18. That's Just The Way It Is Now
  19. The Highway

The metal-face masked vaudeville villain returns in 2009 with Born Like This on Lex Records. Doom (formerly MF Doom, aka Daniel Dumile, aka Metal Face, aka Metal Fingers, aka Zev Love X, aka King Geedorah, aka Supervillain, aka Viktor Vaughn, not to mention the MC portion of Madvillain and Danger Doom) is a clearly still a mad man on the mic. Not to mention, the dude changes names like I change hats [often].

With Born Like This, Doom falls heavily on his comic book rhyming roots, spinning the eerie tale of the inner workings of the mind of the villain whose mask he dons. The title comes from the Charles Bukowski poem 'Dinosauria, We' a reading of which by the poet himself is the main feature of the track 'Cellz' [See here for the full poem].

Every track has that oddball eerie charm for which Doom has built a reputation. He produces most of the tracks, with J Dilla, Jake One, and Madlib filling in most of the gaps. In typical Doom fashion, the skits, intros, and outros quilt a story all their own. Less samples from the classic Fantastic 4 animated series that Doom relied heavily on in MM...Food? and Operation Doomsday, but still no loss for pop culture references, including clips from Cops on track 6 'Rap Ambush' which are cleverly blended into the overall story.

All in all its a great album. The only track I'm not feeling is tack 15 'Supervillainz' featuring Kurious, Mobonix, and Slug. I just can't get into that bizzarre ass auto-tuned wail in the refrain. Meh. Maybe it'll grow on me. For a good laugh, pay close attention to track 8 'Batty Boyz'. It's basically a 3:16 minute gay joke about Superman and Batman & Robin. "Oh shoot/ Get a load of that fruit/ In thigh high boots, red tighty whities, and blue cat suit." I'm typically turned off of an album by anything resembling homophobic lyrics (which was the case with 90s Buju Banton and most Gangsta Rap), but the fact that it's main theme is questioning the excess of spandex in superhero outfits, as well as challenging the much-debated plutonic status of the relationship between Batman and Robin, is amusing to say the least. Though I will say that some of the samples utilized are a bit much.

Anyway, I recommend the album to any Doom fans for sure -- you won't be disappointed -- as well as any fans of alternative hip-hop in general. Doom is refreshing amidst all the bullshit overproduction of a lot of popular MCs out there today. Lyrically, he's like a bizarre mix of RZA and Mos Def with beats like GZA meets saturday morning cartoons and old school minimalism. Check below for a link to the whole album.


Doom: Born Like This
01. Supervillain Intro (Prod. By Doom)(Co-Prod. By & Feat. Mr. Chop)
02. Gazzillion Ear (Prod. By J Dilla)
03. Ballskin (Prod. By Jake One)
04. Yessir! (Feat. Raekwon) (Prod. By Doom)
05. Absolutely (Prod. By Madlib)
06. Rap Ambush (Prod. By Jake One)
07. Lightworks (Prod. By J Dilla)
08. Batty Boyz (Prod. By Doom)
09. Angelz (Feat. Tony Starks) (Prod. By Doom)
10. Cellz (Prod. By Doom) (Co-Prod. By & Feat. Mr. Chop)
11. Still Dope (Feat. Empress Starhh Tha Femcee) (Prod. By Doom)
12. Microwave Mayo (Prod. By Jake One)
13. More Rhymin’ (Prod. By Jake One)
14. That’s That (Prod. By Doom)
15. Supervillainz (Feat. Kurious, Mobonix & Slug) (Prod. By Doom) (Co-Prod. By & Feat. Mr. Chop)
16. Bumpy’s Message (Feat. Bumpy Knuckles) (Prod. By Doom) (Co-Prod. By & Feat. Mr. Chop)
17. Thank Yah (Prod. By Doom)

Test it out here and buy it if you like it:

Monday, March 30, 2009

How can you disprove this? I mean seriously. How?

Props to Spade for his skill. Hamilton says he used ProTools or something, but Spade pulled that beat out on a seriously eclectic assortment of equipment. Talk about a true musician.

Also, credit is due to Octavious and MadeMonarchs for getting this video and staying on top of this story. Gotta love St. Louis hip-hop. Nothing but love in the MidWest.

Here it is, straight from the secret lab of Black Spade himself:

Tsk tsk, Mr. Hamilton.


-Via Rancid's Street Team Site-


Seminal punk band Rancid - Tim Armstrong (guitar/vocals), Lars Frederiksen (guitar/vocals), Matt Freeman (bass/vocals), and Branden Steineckert (drums) - have set June 2nd for the release of Let The Dominoes Fall (Hellcat/Epitaph), their first studio album in six years. The platinum-selling band recorded at George Lucas' Skywalker Sound Studio, with production by Epitaph Records founder/Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz. Let The Dominoes Fall features nineteen new songs, all written by Rancid. Special guest and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Booker T contributes Hammond B3 organ on one track, "Up To No Good."

"The crew is back doing what we do best," says Armstrong. "We approached every element of this record as a team, and the result is my favorite Rancid record to date."

It's also their most topical. From the unflinching observations of "This Place," "Lulu" and "Locomotive," all of which presage the current economic meltdown, to "The Bravest Kids" which rails against media's kid-glove treatment of the Iraq war, and the mostly acoustic "Civilian Ways," inspired by the soldier's journey of Armstrong's brother to Iraq and back home again, Let The Dominoes Fall feels timely, adamant and alive.

"Last One To Die," the first single from the new album, will premiere on April 7 via a widget available now on Rancid's myspace page. Fans can register to get a personal embed code and then spread the widget to other sites. Every time someone enters valid info into the widget a point will be allotted. The twenty-five people with the most points will receive a pair of free tickets to see Rancid on tour this summer with Rise Against. For a complete itinerary click here.

Let The Dominoes Fall is Rancid's seventh album and first studio release since 2003's Indestructible, which reached #15 on the Billboard Top 200. That album inspired The Los Angeles Times to hail Rancid as "one of the most popular and enduring of American punk bands," while Rolling Stone called them "brutally exuberant."

Hell yeah! I've been waiting for this album for five fucking years.
Can't wait to hear the new track. I'll be in France on the release date of the album, but I swear I'm gonna find the damn thing there somewhere.

Rancid has remained relatively vigilant. They've released something every year since 2000. Here's what they've put out so far (both as Rancid and with corresponding side-projects):

1993 - "Rancid" (Rancid)
1994 - "Let's Go" (Rancid)
1995 - "...And Out Come the Wolves" (Rancid)
1998 - "Life Won't Wait" (Rancid)
2000 - "Rancid" [typically referred to as "Rancid 2000"] (Rancid)
2001 - "Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards" [aka LF&TB] (LF&TB)
2002 - "Transplants" (Transplants)
2003 - "Indestructible (Rancid)
2004 - "Viking" (LF&TB)
2005 - "Haunted Cities" (Transplants)
2006 - "A Poet's Life" (Tim Armstrong)
2007 - "B Sides and C Sides" (Rancid)
2008 - "The Music Videos: 1993-2003" [DVD] (Rancid)
2009 - "Let the Dominoes Fall" [dropping June 2] (Rancid)

For future updates and more information:

Check out the widget at the bottom of my blog to hear the first single when it debuts April 7.
As they say, "see ya in the pit."


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gotta love Mos.
I have nothing more to say.

Part 01

Part 02

PS: There are five more parts, but you can look 'em up on youtube if you're that interested. I watched 'em. They're great. What the hell else are you gonna do tonight?

Apparently local St. Louis favorite Black Spade went and saw Charles Hamilton recently at SxSW down in Austin. At the show he heard the debut of a track called "Shinin'" and recognized the beat as one he'd written himself years ago!

Hamilton denies the allegations that he ripped off the track and says he wrote it himself, but it's a hard position to defend when Spade's vocals are clearly in the refrain. To this, Hamilton allegedly replied that it's HIM singing in background. Ridiculous.

Here's a link to a cut of the issue with an emailed statement from Black Spade himself.
Props to MadeMonarchs for breaking the story.


Here's Black Spade's "Shinin'" track from a while back:

And here's "Shinin'" by Charles Hamilton:
(The Spade part starts at about 0:23)

Sounds pretty blatant to me.
What have you got to say for yourself, Charles?

Well, in response to the entire debate (and in response to the Fresh Selects blog) CH had this to say on his own blog:

"Let him think he made the beat and I jacked it. God/Satan sees all. And I’m leaving it at that.
For now…"

I gotta say that I'm incredibly disheartened by all this. I've had and shown nothing but respect for Charles Hamilton and Black Spade equally. To hear that one would (allegedly/blatantly) jack beats from another puts a fan in a tough spot. Doesn't do much for Hamilton's credit. Credit must be given where credit is due, in music just as in the rest of life. This man is falling short on his duties as a person and a musician.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Brody Dalle (perhaps the sexiest woman in rock) has finally announced concrete plans for a full length album from her group Spinnerette. The band was formed after the dismemberment of her former punk outfit, the Distillers, when her and guitarist Tony Bevilacqua decided to try something a bit different rather than continue on as the Distillers with a whole new lineup.

Their new project became a sort of electronic-punk-rock-pop hybrid with a ridiculous amount of influences and angles. They've released three singles already (Valium Knights, Ghetto Love, and recently Sex Bomb), as well as one EP titled Ghetto Love.

The release of their upcoming self-titled album is scheduled for June 02 of this year. For a taste of their sound, here's their first video, released last year. Crazy ass green-screen shit.

"Ghetto Love"
Ghetto Love EP

How the hell do you categorize that?
Simple: it's just awesome.
Kid Cudi in Interview Magazine:
[Click the image for full-size]

Rhymesayers always put out beautiful music.
This is no exception. POS (Pissed Off Stef) delivers.
How could you not dig it?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

This dude is nuts.
Hahaha, what the hell is going on in this video?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Day 'N Night Remix" ft. Kanye Live @ Levi's | Fader Fort
(Look for Kanye in all his denim at about 4:35)

"Super Boo" -- new track from Cudi
(unofficial video)

SuperBoo by KiD CuDi from Battalion Armour on Vimeo.

New Cudi/Kanye Track on the Trailer for Transformers 2

Sunday, March 22, 2009

As anybody who follows Lupe knows, 2009 was supposed to be the year he retired. He announced plans to release what was to be his latest and last album, LupE.N.D., sometime this year, followed by indefinite (if not permanent) time off.

A couple months ago though, he announced that he wasn't quite ready to leave the industry that had him enraged enough to quit music entirely. He pushed back LupE.N.D. indefinitely and announced another album to come first: The Great American Rap Album.

NOW, it seems ADD has gotten the better of Lupe, and he appears to have ditched this latest project. According to a recent online post: "didnt like how “Great American” was coming out so i trash canned it". Looks like The Great American Rap Album has gone the way of the American dream. He later expounded with this: "or shall i say postponed it…the music wasnt fitting the story i wanted to tell". So the album was still on the table (just like LupE.N.D.), but who knows when it will come out.

So what now, if both of his recently announced projects are postponed? "so i brought back this idea that had a few years ago called Lasers and joila…6 songs in 6 days…". As far as the style of this particular album, Lupe says it won't have as many hip-hoppers participating, though label favorites Sarah Green and Matthew Santos will be present. "[It's] kinda like my dont really care if you like it or not album…".

Then...a bombshell. "LupE.N.D. is cancelled…". What???
Followed by these startling updates: "still aiming for two this year though…"
"LASERS might drop before the DVD will hahahahaha…shits fresh though…"
"i dont feel i have to do mixtapes anymore…i think that point was proven…"
"yeah im still retiring…" and then "no reason really…serves the purpose…"
Then some props to Kid Cudi "Cudi is the best thing out…"
and further description of the new album "We Are Lasers…comes from some repressed highschool outcast shit…blended amidst And He Gets The Girl ambitions"

So, if I'm interpreting these abrupt ass, cryptic messages correctly: LupEND is cancelled for good, The Great American Rap Album is posponed indefinitely, We Are Lasers is the new project and will come out sometime this year (possibly before the live DVD), there will still be two albums coming out in 2009, he's done with mixtapes for good, he thinks Kid Cudi kicks ass, and he's still planning to retire sometime in the near future. ...Assuming he doesn't change his mind that many times again any time soon.


That's a lot of information from one line of posts. The dude sure does change his mind a lot. Shit though, 6 songs in 6 hours? That's wild.

These guys have each been around for a few years. So far, though, they've all been focusing on the mixtape game, but in 2009, look for them to break out.

Charles Hamilton - In 2008 CH put out 10 (count 'em TEN) mixtapes: Outside Looking (with DJ Green Lantern) and Crash Landed, And Then They Played Dilla, Death of the Mixtape Rapper, Staff Development, It's Charles Hamilton, The L Word, Sonic the Hamilton, Intervention, and The Pink Lavalamp (all with DJ Skee). For 2009 he's put out Well Isn't This Awkward, with My Brain is Alive and Every Charles Hamilton Ex-Girlfriend's Worse Nightmare in the works.

He says he's put out so many mixtapes in an effort to build his hype, which is working. He's already had four singles ("Brooklyn Girls", "Loser", "C-Food", and "MTV Cribs")and some serious attention from music writers nationwide (XXL actually produced his last video). Later this year he'll drop his first official album called The Perfect Life. Keep your eyes out for it.

Kid Cudi - Kid Cudi put out his mixtape A Kid Named Cudi in '08 to high acclaim. In fact, his single from the album "Day 'N Night" hit 23 on the US Top 100 charts, 58 for R&B, 31 for Pop, and topped out at number 2 in the UK! Clearly the track was a hit.

At SxSW Cudi recently announced that he will NOT be going into retirement after the release of his '09 album Man on the Moon: The Guardians, as previously stated.

He had this to say: "I had my Spiderman/Peter Parker moment and shit. You remember when Spiderman didn't want to be Spiderman no more? Cause his personal life was so fucked up, but he was just killing shit as Spiderman. That's how I felt. I was killin shit as Kid Cudi, but my personal life was still so fucked up, you know what I mean? But I understand that I need y'all and y'all need me. So I can't stop. So yeah, no more retirement. I'm here to stay." Look for Man on the Moon this year, and apparently more to come later on.

Wale - Wale has been making waves since '06 in DC when his track "Dig Dug (Shake it)" became the most requested song in DC radio history. But he's had mixtapes coming out since 2005's Paint a Picture, followed by Hate is the New Love in '06, 100 Miles and Running in '07, and the Seinfeld reference-laden Mixtape about Nothing in '08. He also found himself on a single from the latest (and possibly last) album from The Roots last year, along with cameos on tracks from Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, MIA, Shwayze, and others.

In 2009, Wale's latest mixtape, Back to the Feature, will come out. Later this year he promises his first LP, Attention: Deficit. Check this dude out if you haven't already.

These three artists promise to do big things for hip-hop in 2009. Keep an eye on them. It's gonna be a good year for good music.

Oh yeah, and props to Octavius for showing me Wale and Cudi.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just watched Kid Cudi make his network television debut on Last Call with Carson Daly. The show blows. The performance was awesome. I'm sure somebody'll post the video shortly. I'll keep you posted...

Get it? It was a blog pun. "Keep you posted?" No? Oh well.

Meanwhile, check out this badass Cudi video. Consequence featuring Kid Cudi. Amazing. Remaking a classic cut from A Tribe Called Quest? Holy fuckin shit balls. AMAZING!

Damn that's hot. Can't wait till the Carson videos are up!


Ok, here's the videos from the night's performance.

Our boy Charles is back with a new video for his single "Loser" off of his mixtape "The Pink Lavalamp".

Check the video here:

And be sure to check out the whole mixtape (and others) over at DatPiff.com. You can listen to it in its entirety and download it as well:

[Clicky Clicky]

Support this kid. He's gonna blow up. I guarantee it.

PS: Check out those headphones! Damn right, that's the Skullcandy TI -- same ones I reviewed a couple weeks back. Granted, mine are black/silver while his are white/pink, but whatever. Hot damn. I know what's up.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Woah...wtf?? The Roots are the new house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon? Damn. That's actually kinda awesome.

When I heard Fallon would be taking over for Conan O'Brien, I was thoroughly unimpressed. The dude stopped being funny long before his career on SNL ended. Then he started doing crappy movies like Taxi with Queen Latifah.

THEN...redemption for Mr. Fallon. It appears the dude might be cooler than I thought. He sold out on his movies and comedy (I mean shit, it's a job and the kids pay big money for that crap), but he seems to be going all out on his new job as a TV host.

When he made The Roots his official house band, Fallon committed to beautiful music. Granted, when the deal went through he was taking a great band off the touring circuit, but hey, that was their call. I got a chance to see them at Riverport before they retired, so I'm set.

Check out The Roots every weeknight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Till then, here's some youtube hits of them performing both their comedic and musical talents.

Here's them playing backup and performing with legendary Public Enemy:

...foolin around onstage with Ludacris:

...and finally, doing a bit with Fallon called "Slowjammin' the News":

These cats do it all. Show em some love.
Much love to The Roots.
For no real reason, here's a list of videos from all different genres.
I've got all the major genres of protest and struggle.
(Although not every song reflects those ideals.)
I've scoured the internet so you don't hafta.
It's a fuckin library of videos.
Check 'em out.

Die Hunns
"Love & Hate"
Long Legs

Charles Hamilton
"November 10th"
Crash Landed

The Slackers

Various Artists
"London Calling" (Originally by the Clash)
Tribute to Joe Strummer following his death in '02

The Roots
"Get Busy"
Rising Up

"As Wicked"

Bob Marley
"I Shot the Sheriff"

Big L
"Put it On"
Lifestyles of Da Poor and Dangerous

"Free Time"
Reggae Hit LA

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
"Redemption Song"

Mos Def
"Ghetto Rock"
Def Poetry Jam

Sunday, March 1, 2009

If you're reading this then you probably know me. If you know me then you probably know I'm afraid of mullets. Like...actually afraid. There's something about that particular hair style that freaks me out. I get my hair trimmed just in the back sometimes for fear of one sneaking up on me when I'm not looking. No joke.

It's wise to know your enemy. That's why over the years I've developed a keen understanding of all things mullet-related. There's a crazy assortment of mullets that sneak around, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting observers.

Here's the first one:
Figure 1.
Call it the Medieval Mullet...the Medullet/Mulleteval. For some reason that shit was considered classy. It's not as extreme as other variations, but the fact that it's accompanied by a badass horse and armor makes it a strong offense. What a waste of sweet fucking shit.

Tainting your Renaissance scalp with a Mulleteval should have been punishable by a fierce lashing, or chopping off the hands of the barber at the least.

The second offense...
Figure 2.
This one doesn't even need explaining. What the fuck dude. The primary style that all Mullet-o-phobics fear. The hillbilly mullet. No special name for this one. It's just a mullet. An ugly ass mullet. For some reason this style never seems to come with a shirt.

Numero Tres...
Figure 3.
The skullet (aka the Hulk Hogan). An advancement of the straight mullet, the skullet is the old hillbilly's delight. Once they start going bald, the skull gets shinier and the mullet gets even sloppier.

The fourth agression...
Figure 4.
The mohawk mullet (or Mohican). I call it the Mohullet. Looks wicked on a Native American. Not so much on everyday citizens. Gross. Choose one hairstyle -- the mohawk or the mullet. ...Please choose the mohawk.

There's a whole list of other mullet variations, but those were some of my favorites. Now I've got just one more. This is the one that inspired this post. It's a new variation that I've never seen before tonight. It's a serious offense against my eyes. I now present to you this travesty...

(Scroll down...)


The Afro-Mullet (aka Frollet)...
Figure 5.
Why, Kanye? WHY???? How could you unleash such a brutally disturbing style on a nation of easily-influenced teens and tweens who will undoubtedly mimic your every move and purchase? The bowtie is cool. But the frollet? Aw, hell no. You've successfully recharged my nightmares by providing me with this unspeakably evil image to ponder.

If you caught Kanye on the VH1 Storytellers Series, it was definitely a show worth checking out. Despite his occassional arrogance (which is expected) and the unveiling of this highly-developed and potent strand of mullet (which he sort of hints at in his latest video Welcome to Heartbreak but doesn't fully reveal) his performance was for sure entertaining. I've got an audio version of the whole thing if you wanna check it out. Just hit me up.

Still. How the hell am I gonna develop a cure for this travesty before it spreads? I guess we're all doomed. Doomed!


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