Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Woah...wtf?? The Roots are the new house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon? Damn. That's actually kinda awesome.

When I heard Fallon would be taking over for Conan O'Brien, I was thoroughly unimpressed. The dude stopped being funny long before his career on SNL ended. Then he started doing crappy movies like Taxi with Queen Latifah.

THEN...redemption for Mr. Fallon. It appears the dude might be cooler than I thought. He sold out on his movies and comedy (I mean shit, it's a job and the kids pay big money for that crap), but he seems to be going all out on his new job as a TV host.

When he made The Roots his official house band, Fallon committed to beautiful music. Granted, when the deal went through he was taking a great band off the touring circuit, but hey, that was their call. I got a chance to see them at Riverport before they retired, so I'm set.

Check out The Roots every weeknight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Till then, here's some youtube hits of them performing both their comedic and musical talents.

Here's them playing backup and performing with legendary Public Enemy:

...foolin around onstage with Ludacris:

...and finally, doing a bit with Fallon called "Slowjammin' the News":

These cats do it all. Show em some love.
Much love to The Roots.



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