Friday, March 27, 2009

Brody Dalle (perhaps the sexiest woman in rock) has finally announced concrete plans for a full length album from her group Spinnerette. The band was formed after the dismemberment of her former punk outfit, the Distillers, when her and guitarist Tony Bevilacqua decided to try something a bit different rather than continue on as the Distillers with a whole new lineup.

Their new project became a sort of electronic-punk-rock-pop hybrid with a ridiculous amount of influences and angles. They've released three singles already (Valium Knights, Ghetto Love, and recently Sex Bomb), as well as one EP titled Ghetto Love.

The release of their upcoming self-titled album is scheduled for June 02 of this year. For a taste of their sound, here's their first video, released last year. Crazy ass green-screen shit.

"Ghetto Love"
Ghetto Love EP

How the hell do you categorize that?
Simple: it's just awesome.



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