Sunday, March 22, 2009

As anybody who follows Lupe knows, 2009 was supposed to be the year he retired. He announced plans to release what was to be his latest and last album, LupE.N.D., sometime this year, followed by indefinite (if not permanent) time off.

A couple months ago though, he announced that he wasn't quite ready to leave the industry that had him enraged enough to quit music entirely. He pushed back LupE.N.D. indefinitely and announced another album to come first: The Great American Rap Album.

NOW, it seems ADD has gotten the better of Lupe, and he appears to have ditched this latest project. According to a recent online post: "didnt like how “Great American” was coming out so i trash canned it". Looks like The Great American Rap Album has gone the way of the American dream. He later expounded with this: "or shall i say postponed it…the music wasnt fitting the story i wanted to tell". So the album was still on the table (just like LupE.N.D.), but who knows when it will come out.

So what now, if both of his recently announced projects are postponed? "so i brought back this idea that had a few years ago called Lasers and joila…6 songs in 6 days…". As far as the style of this particular album, Lupe says it won't have as many hip-hoppers participating, though label favorites Sarah Green and Matthew Santos will be present. "[It's] kinda like my dont really care if you like it or not album…".

Then...a bombshell. "LupE.N.D. is cancelled…". What???
Followed by these startling updates: "still aiming for two this year though…"
"LASERS might drop before the DVD will hahahahaha…shits fresh though…"
"i dont feel i have to do mixtapes anymore…i think that point was proven…"
"yeah im still retiring…" and then "no reason really…serves the purpose…"
Then some props to Kid Cudi "Cudi is the best thing out…"
and further description of the new album "We Are Lasers…comes from some repressed highschool outcast shit…blended amidst And He Gets The Girl ambitions"

So, if I'm interpreting these abrupt ass, cryptic messages correctly: LupEND is cancelled for good, The Great American Rap Album is posponed indefinitely, We Are Lasers is the new project and will come out sometime this year (possibly before the live DVD), there will still be two albums coming out in 2009, he's done with mixtapes for good, he thinks Kid Cudi kicks ass, and he's still planning to retire sometime in the near future. ...Assuming he doesn't change his mind that many times again any time soon.


That's a lot of information from one line of posts. The dude sure does change his mind a lot. Shit though, 6 songs in 6 hours? That's wild.




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