Wednesday, April 8, 2009

FnF's new group Japanese Cartoon has just launched their website --

On the site, you can sign up for the group's fan club, which will provide you with a password to view "The Fan Club Theater." The theater is currently showing Japanese Cartoon's first video for one of their first singles, "Army."

Via the group's Myspace:
A proud day friends. The brand-spanking new ALLSABOTAGE.COM is fully operational. Join the Cartoon and enjoy the ride. New additions will be made periodically so keep your passwords safe and stay tuned for more details as some things will be first come first serve and available for a limited time only. Kind of like McDonald's minus the food. "ARMY" Video Now Playing!!! Your Higher Power Powered Chap, Percival "Booming Thunderclaps" Fats
All relevant sources claim that the group's lead singer, Percival Fats, is in fact NOT Lupe Fiasco. However, I highly doubt that they're different people, given that they're on the same label (headed by Fiasco) and they sound exactly the same...minus the cheesy faux-British accent. You decide.




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