Sunday, April 5, 2009

I rode two hours into Charleston, Illinois last night to hit EIU to see Lupe Fiasco and Shwayze. The show was DEFINITELY worth the drive.

I bought the tickets like two months ago from a random dude online that attends the school, so I'd been stoked about the show for a long ass time. I didn't bring my camera because I was foolishly worried that security would take it from me. Should have realized that at university shows, security is much more lax than at high priced venues. However, a few people at the show did manages to snap some decent shots during the show. Here's what they got...

Lupe in top form:

Lupe and Bishop G:

Bishop G lovin it:

The set list for the evening was an amazing collection of Lupe hits, new and old, with a few freestyles and other stuff thrown in for the hell of it. Here's how it looked:

  • Instrumental
  • Hello/Goodbye
  • Coolest
  • The Cool
  • Hip Hop Saved my Life
  • Touch the Sky (Lupe's verse)
  • Everybody Nose Remix (Lupe's verse)
  • 2 Freestyles from Lupe and 1 from Bishop G
  • Go Go Gadget Flow
  • Hi-Definition
  • Little Weapon
  • Streets on Fire
  • Kick Push
  • I Gotcha
  • Paris Tokyo
  • Another Freestyle from Lupe
  • Superstar
  • ENCORE: Daydreamin'
How could I possibly remember all that, you ask? No way in hell. Luckily for you, I've got a little help remembering as a result of my souvenir for the night:

Hell yeah. While all the fools were rushing out the gate after the encore, I stuck around and was awarded a set list from the drummer.

All together the show was amazing. I was a bit disappointed by the crowd and their general lack of energy, though. Actually, Lupe even commented on it during the show, but it didn't stop him or kill his own energy. I've never seen someone jump around and rhyme so fast without missing a SINGLE syllable. Some of the live versions were even faster than his stuff on the album, which is impressive.

For those of you who missed it, here's a few fan videos to give you just a taste of what it was like. Keep in mind that they're of low quality since they were most likely recorded on cell phones. Obviously, the ones from farther away have way better sound quality, but you can't see much. As you can tell from the videos, the crowd was huge. The floor was packed and the bleachers up and around the edges were practically overflowing.

Naturally, I was up front as close as I could get. You can probably even see my arm in one of the vids. Heh heh.


Lupe's epic introduction and "Instrumental"

AMAZING freestyles (check out Bishop G hiding behind he DJ booth)
Also, right after the "Brooklyn Go Hard" beat started at the end, Lupe stopped and said "Nah, I'm not from Brooklyn" and moved on to "Go Go Gadget Flow." Hahaha, I swear that guy has adult ADD or somethin. I mean shit, look how many times he's changed the title and concept of his third album.

Here's a version of "The Coolest" that'll give you an idea of how fast the dude can go. Audio quality is kinda poor, but still. Damn.

"Little Weapon"

"Go Go Gadget Flow" x "Hi-Definition"

PS: Props to S-Preme and Alex at lupend for the pics.
Oh yeah, and Shwayze was pretty good live, too.


Alex said...

haha dude u bought the tickets from me! and those first 3 videos r from me i was right up against the railing so it was awesome.

Anonymous said...

oh man what's up! thanks again for the tickets. the show was incredible.
great videos too!


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