Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mos Def challenges every MC from Lil' Wayne to Jay-Z to an old fashion rap battle. (Maybe even Andre 3000).

Set to show on pay per view, the challenge is an unprecedented call-out from one of alternative hip-hop's most prolific speakers. Maybe it's a fear of losing credit from his recent emphasis on film rather than music, maybe it's a Brooklyn-versus-the-world home town ethic, or maybe Mos has finally gotten tired of the wrong people getting the wrong attention for faulty game and skill.

I put my money on Mos. Let's just hope MF Doom doesn't make an unexpected appearance. Mos said himself, Doom could easily take Weezy and others. Not so sure if he thinks he could beat him himself though.

Check the video for details and Mr. Def's candid defense of his skill. [If you want a preview of Mos Def's freestyle skill, skip ahead to 7:00.]

Watch out Weezy. ...Hov will be an interesting challenge.
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