Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mos dropped a new track from his forthcoming full length album, The Ecstatic, a few weeks ago. What I didn't realize was that he put out a video for the same track shortly thereafter.

So here it is.

Mos Def
"Casa Bey"
The Ecstatic

This track was originally cut last year along with recordings for "Get Busy" during the Rising Down sessions with The Roots. They scrapped it and Wale brought it to life a year later, adding a few new voices to the mix.

It's just a taste of Wale's forthcoming mixtape, Back to the Feature, with 9th Wonder. If this song is any indication, the tape promises to be def in typical Wale fashion.

Download it here:
Wale - Hot Shyt


Friday, May 22, 2009

As in, When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint That Shit...
Brother Ali helps you recognize the important things in life, which don't include booze, fame, or...
Atmosphere make even the saddest of stories glitter like...

Here's a little story to help you understand the amazing time I had at the Atmosphere and Brother Ali show at the Pageant. It's 7:30 (doors opened at 7) and I'm standing inside, not too far from the entrance. I look over to my left, out the front doors, and I see this dude standing out there by himself smoking. He looks really familiar, but I can't figure out why. So I walk outside to talk to him and realize halfway out there that it's Slug (vocalist for Atmosphere). He's just chillin outside, enjoying a smoke, watching all the people walk on by him. Anyway, I hung out with him just shooting the shit for a while before a few other people started recognizing him and I went inside. 10 minutes later he's flooded with people. Onlookers tend to notice when you ask someone for their autograph.

Attracted to Gods is the first group -- two piece rock outfit from MN. Fucking great and unexpected. They sounded like a modernized Lynyrd Skynyrd or something. There were fucking good. Then Brother Ali took the stage around 8:45 and blew the crowd away. I've never seen an opening act get a group so stoked as this guy did. He even added new verses to the ends of some of his songs, making his already memorable tracks that much more personal. Gold.

9:45 or something Atmosphere takes the stage with Slug on vocals, Ant on the tables (as always), plus a guitar player, keyboardist, and amazing background vocalist to give the sound a certain fullness not otherwise possible. Talk about a moving show. Best concert I've been to since my first Rancid show like six years ago. EVERYBODY was loving it, including the artists. They all said multiple times how St. Louis makes them feel like they're playing at home, we show them love, etc. etc.

After the Atmosphere set, Slug takes the mic and thanks everybody for showing them a great time and partying with them. Then he presented a request: "Listen, we haven't played St. Louis for I don't know how many years. You really think we're not going to do an encore? So let's skip the contentious bullshit where we walk offstage and wait for you to start yelling out our names for us, and let's just play the shit now for real. Can we play you some more stuff now?" Gold.

The encore is almost as long as the whole set! They made it past the tracks they'd planned, then just started flying by the seat of their pants with Ant and the guitar player (Slug's little brother) choosing new songs as they went. Then to cap it all off, Slug calls out Brother Ali and the two go back and forth on each other's tracks for a couple minutes, then just sound of freestyling for somewhere around 10 minutes. The band freestyled right along with them, with original guitar and keyboard riffs, random beats dropped by Ant, and haunting vocals from the background singer. Gold.

That's enough of my fanboy rant. Here's some videos to back it all up.

"God Loves Ugly"
LIVE at the Pageant, St. Louis

"Trying to find a balance"
LIVE at the Pageant, St. Louis

Brother Ali
"Uncle Sam Goddam"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rancid is back and they've posted their first video from the forthcoming album "Let the Dominoes Fall". If you're a close follower of Rancid, here's a few things you may notice about the video:
  1. The video isn't high contrast black and white.
  2. The "Armstrong Avenue" sign is back, though the setting is a bit different. This is one of few Rancid videos to not be shot in their typical small studio covered in graffiti.
  3. At one point, Tim is sitting down on Telegraph. Later, Golden Gate Fields is shown.
  4. The green screen shots are greatly improved over previous attempts.
  5. Tim takes off his hat! His scalp spider web tattoo is visible. He also wears his glasses quite a bit, which is pretty rare, especially in videos. I can only think of one more instance of him wearing them (in the "Let Me Go" video).
  6. Lars died his hair a wild color again. I was wondering how long he could stick with bleached blonde. Ahh, neon blue makes it feel like the nineties all over again.
  7. Tim smiles. That might be my favorite aspect of the entire video. Usually he puts on that tough guy, punk rock gangster hardass face, but he just looks like he's loving it in this music video. It's about time. (Oh, and check him out 42 seconds in! Priceless.)
Alight, see for yourself!

Not bad, right?
So to coincide with the video premier, they've also set up a variety of album pre-order options over at You can get just the album for 20 bucks, with a free poster and t-shirt; the expanded version of the album for 25, which includes the album, an acoustic CD, and a DVD documentary (probably a compilation of the webisodes they've been releasing recently -- be sure to check 'em out on youtube), and it comes with a free t-shirt, 3 posters, and 4 Rancid guitar picks; or you can get the album on double-gatefold vinyl for 22 bucks with a free poster and t-shirt. They say the t-shirt is "exclusive", so hopefully that means it's only available with preorders. Oh, and if you're rich as shit you can get the collector's edition for 150 big ones, which comes with the album, the acoustic CD, the DVD, 3 double sided posters, 1 super sized poster, 3 vinyl LPs (the regular album and the acoustic set), a coffee table photo book, the guitar picks, and the free shirt.

Damn. If I could afford it, I'd be all over that collector's edition shit. I went with the expanded edition though. 5 more dollars for an extra CD, a DVD, and some guitar picks? Sweet deal.

Anyway, Rancid comes on tour through St. Louis this June. I'll be out of town, but if you've never seen them live, I highly suggest it. Probably some of the best concerts I've attended have been Rancid shows. If you've already seen them before, then you know you should go see them again. Wouldn't want to miss seeing the new drummer in action.

Last one to die.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tune into in the next ten minutes to hear the final episode of Rebel Music.

Show starts at 2:00, ends at 3:00.

If you happen to catch it, thanks a lot!
It's been a great semester for radio.
That is all.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Recently, Fat Wreck Chords (the record label headed by Fat Mike, famed bassist and singer for punk act NOFX) announced a price cut on all past and future releases. The new prices will put every album at or below $10, with many falling bellow the $8 mark.

In regards to this dramatic change, Fat Mike had this to say:
"Well, you know people say, 'Oh, because the economy is so bad right now.' But, it’s really not that, because in the record industry the recession started four years ago. Our industry got hit a long time ago. Record sales have been going down and down and down and down. I was thinking, “Hey this is punk rock. This is a community.” People have to recognize the difference between majors and indies and major bands and independent bands.

And when you buy a record from an indie, you are supporting the label and the band. It’s not going to some faceless company that doesn’t care about music, they just care about making a profit. So, I just figured if we make our prices cheap, I don’t think people are going to feel bad about paying $8 for a CD in a store. I think they are going to feel good about supporting their band knowing that half that money is going to support the band and the label."
That's why I love punk. It's about artists and fans and community, not profits.
It's my original musical love and it will never leave me.
Viva la Punk.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

DJ Don Cannon (with prod. Chuck Inglish) put together a solid tape with "Gone Fishing". In typical Cool Kids fashion, it's got a low-fi feel with high quality rhymes and deep synthetic beats. It's like minimalist Dirty South shit.

Check out the 'Pennies' remix featuring none other than Luda (track 14).

As always, head over to to download the tape for free, like it should be. Click the "Listen Now" link to give it a sample and "Download" to cop it. Heads up, you have to register for the site if you haven't already. Believe me, it's well worth it.

If you missed the Cool Kids (like I did) when they came through St. Louis late last month, the Made Monarchs will certainly show you what you passed up on.

Lucky punks.
I'll be sure to catch 'em next time.
This vid came out a while back, but I never posted it.
Since I'm getting super worked up over the new Mos Def album (which drops June 30), I decided to share it, just in case some of you haven't seen it.
This dude is amazing and the album is guaranteed to be solid.

In other Mos Def news... has the following to report on Def's upcoming film, "Next Day Air":

MOS DEF GETS CAST MEMBERS TO BAN N-WORD: 'Next Day Air' co-stars include Donald Faison, Mike Epps and Wood Harris.

*Mos Def reportedly convinced his African-American co-stars in "Next Day Air" – Donald Faison, Mike Epps and Wood Harris – to refrain from using the N-word, both in the film and while on the set.

"It was something that was very important to us. It was our way of making a statement that we can express ourselves without using the N-word," Harris told Starpulse.

"But it wasn't just in the movie that we banned the word. We also banned it on set," he added. "No one could say it. At first it was difficult, but we really stayed on top of each other.

"By the end of... filming, I don't know if it was something that even came up. We just didn't say it, and had no desire to. I hope that other people will start trying to find new ways to express themselves as well."

Sunday, May 3, 2009

With a new album in the works and highly anticipated mixtape scheduled for a summer release, Stic.Man and M1 of Dead Prez are working hard in 2009. The mixtape will be the third release of their praised independent series Turn Off the Radio and represents a collaborative effort with DJ Green Lantern. Volume three is titled Turn Off The Radio, Volume 3: Pulse of The People and hits streets June 23rd.

According to XXL Magazine, Stic.Man had the following to say on Green Lantern: “[Green Lantern’s] developing a label and he’s got a new artist, Johnny Polygon, so he got a lot of big things poppin’ and we got our own independence. We don’t gotta ask nobody if we can do something so it was good opportunity, man. It definitely ain’t no pimpin’, so it’s all good.”

M1 added: “That relationship with Green has been culminating for a minute and we pick carefully who to work with in order to touch down in the street.”

The new album, called Information Age, should be finished sometime by the end of the year.

Information Age is a totally, totally different sound than we ever worked with,” said “It’s up-tempo, it’s new-age, it’s hard, it’s soulful, it’s experimental, and It’s about learning.The theme of the whole album is dealing with the age where you come into a knowledge of yourself which is a human thing — the point where you begin to challenge certain traditions. Certain shit don’t add up or make sense and you just start to question the answers a little more.” (XXL Mag)

Looking forward to yet another June release.
"Turn off the radio. Turn off that bullshit." -Dead Prez

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