Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To Every Man, Woman & Child...

1. We Want An End To The Glamorization Of Negativity In The Media.
2. We Want An End To Status Symbols Dictating Our Worth As Individuals.
3. We Want A Meaningful And Universal Education System.
4. We Want Substance In The Place Of Popularity.
5. We Will Not Compromise Who We Are To Be Accepted By The Crowd.
6. We Want The Invisible Walls That Separate By Wealth, Race & Class To Be Torn Down.
7. We Want To Think Our Own Thoughts.
8. We Will Be Responsible For Our Environment.
9. We Want Clarity & Truth From Our Elected Officials Or They Should Move Aside.
10. We Want Love Not Lies.
11. We Want An End To All Wars. Foreign & Domestic (Violence).
12. We Want An End To The Processed Culture Of Exploitation, Over-Consumption & Waste.
13. We Want Knowledge, Understanding & Peace.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If you're a fan of the Roots and happen to be sitting state-side (which I am not, as I'm currently rocking France for another week), be sure to catch them on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon TONIGHT.

Yes, yes, I know they're on Jimmy Fallon every night now since they became the new house band. But tonight is special. Apparently, they've decided to debut a track from their forthcoming album (their 9th) called "How I Got Over".

Unfortunately, I can't watch videos of US television from in France (freaking overseas copyright laws or some shit), so somebody has to watch it for me. Hit me up and let me know how it sounded.

Reflection Eternal -- legendary hip-hop duo of Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek -- are back. And they've got a new single called "Back Again" to let everybody know it.

Check it out here:

Reflection Eternal
"Back Again"
Talib Kweli + Hi Tek-Reflection Eternal -Back Again-Vid Premiere

Learn more or nostalgically reminisce about Reflection Eternal with their 2000 single "The Blast".

Reflection Eternal
"The Blast"

Kweli and Tek are back.
Oh joy.

The new self-titled album by Street Sweeper Social Club -- consisting of Boots Riley from The Coup and Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine -- came out this month. You can hear the whole album streaming for free over at the group's myspace page. They're currently on tour with Jane's Addiction and Nine Inch Nails.

According to OkayPlayer, a crowd-favorite throughout the course of the tour thus far is a cover of "Paper Planes" by M.I.A. (which features a guitar sample from "Straight to Hell" by The Clash which Tom Morello does great justice).

You can listen for free and download an excellent-quality live cut of the song from ZShare here.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lupe's style is catching on.

This image here is from 944 Magazine. Note the Clash lyric on the bottom.

Also (if you haven't already) check out his interview snippet on his Trilly and Trully clothing line that the Made Monarchs have been kind enough to post for your viewing pleasure.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Heh heh.

Rancid debuted the first single from their newest album, Let the Dominoes Fall, the other night on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.

'Nuff said.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hopped into a Virgin Music Megastore in Lyon, France today to pick up The Ecstatic by Mos Def. Cost me 17 Euros as a US import, but it was money well spent. This shit rocks.

Alternative beats define this album. 'Auditorium' [track 03] featuring Ruler hosts a Middle East flavor, which flows nicely into 'Wahid' [track 04], with it's synth hook that reminds the listener of Iraqi bazaar sounds, topped off with Arabic samples, as well as 'The Embassy' [track 08] with an alternating arab flute and funk bass throughout. On top of synth rhythms, the album is also host to piano, flue, harp, and a varied assortment of non-typical-to-hip-hop instruments. A few songs also feature obscure samples reminicent of early and late Doom tracks.

The singles, 'Quiet Dog (Bite Hard)' [track 06], 'Life in Marvelous Times' [track 07], and 'Casa Bey' [track 16] deliver as promised. Spoken word samples collected from speeches, conversations, PA announcesments, etc. unify the tracks, along with smooth transitions across the board. Dante's production on this record is flawless.

Vocals are both clear and choppy with Def's typical old school flare. Features are limited to Ruler on 'Auditorium' [track 03], Talib Kweli on 'History' [track 15], and Me & D. on 'Casa Bey' [track 16]. Featured languages include English and Arabic throughout, as well as Spanish on 'No Hay Nada Mas' [track 09].

The final track, 'Casa Bey', fades out into a soulful piano solo. All-in-all, a beautiful album that meets expectations and anticipations. Very positive and very appreciated.

Purchase and enjoy.

That's right peoples. If you didn't know it already, the Live on the Levee free concert series in St. Louis will close this summer with St. Louis native Black Spade opening for none other than Chicago's finest Lupe Fiasco.
As always, the show is free and will take place under the gateway to the west, the St. Louis Arch. Get there early if you want a good spot. I'll be there early, along with the Made Monarchs I'm sure. We're bringin lunches and chillin all day. Believe it.
The series starts July 3 and ends with Black Spade and Lupe on August 1 starting at 6pm.
Be there.

Check out more details from the RFT here.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Death of Auto-tune" is Jay-Z's new track off Blueprint 3. Produced by No ID and Kanye West (feat. Kanye on the refrain), the song blatantly calls out T-Pain and auto-tuner in general. The auto-tuned musician crowd -- including Yeezy himself -- have awoken the beast known as Hova.

Check it out here on XXL.

Get off your vocoder and start rappin again.
That shit got out of hand. I told you so.

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