Friday, August 28, 2009

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August 29, 2009 - Portland, OR - Roseland Theater
Mos Def - Jay Electronica - Whosane - Lilla D'mone
Doors open 7pm - Lilla Dimone 8pm - Whosane 9pm - Jay Electronica 10pm - Mos Def 11pm

You know the show was dope, but of course you couldn't make it unless you lived in or traveled to Portland. So here's a walk-through of the night's events, accompanied by photos I managed to snap with a cheap ass disposable camera.

6:30 - Sitting outside of the venue we see a green Jeep pull up and stop to confirm that they are at the right place. In the passenger seat sits Mos Def. I extend a wave and a peace that he returns, smiling. I run around the corner to where he goes to park and he tells me, while shaking my hand, "I appreciate your shirt" (this one). Talk about a humble dude. I go to meet him and praise his new album and tell Jay Electronica the same about his mixtape, and they both just smile real big and Mos recognizes my support and thanks me multiple times for the compliments.

7:15 - Doors open late but I snag a spot in the very front, where I stay posted all night. Lilla D'mone opens with an awesome blend of old school soul, reggae, and a bit of rock.

8:00 - Whosane starts with a simple set but kills it. This dude is amazing; seriously, check him out. He's a new MC from Brooklyn, just added to the Ecstatic Tour. I picked up his teaser CD directly from him after the show. Hit me up for a listen.

9:40 - Jay Electronica starts early but still plays all the way through til Mos arrives on stage. He walks out drinking a glass of Jack.

Ten minutes in he's downed the glass and starts giving away stuff from on stage - including his hat and his pair of brand new not-yet-released Jordans that he got as a gift from the dude who designed the shoe (who happened to be in the crowd). About an hour later he sends out DJ TJ to attempt a barter with the guy who got the shoes cause Jay realizes what a mistake that was. The dude won't budge. Jay loses the shoes. Not long after, Jay says "Hey, I smell weed. Who's got weed?" The dude passes it up to him and jay lights a blunt on stage. "They won't kick me out," he says "but lets see if they kick you out" and he pulls the dude up on stage and has him smoke right alongside him.

Neither of them get kicked out, but a security guard does come and confiscate the weed from the dude while he sits at stage left. [Portland is pretty damn liberal when it comes to Marijuana law enforcement. They couldn't care less, but they'll beat your ass if you try to smoke a cigarette indoors.]

11:00 - Mos Def walks out to stage and stands behind an oversized drum set while the introduction to his new album is playing. When the first track drops, he's drumming right along with it. The beat is so loud my chest is rattling.

He doesn't miss a beat through the entire show. He plays almost every song from Ecstatic as well as solo hits ("U R the One", "Ms. Fat Booty", "Sex, Love, & Money", "Umi Says" etc.) and some Blackstar favorites ("Respiration", "Definition").

Mid-way through the set he announces that birthday of the late Michael Jackson ("King Michael" he calls him) and performs a couple famous Jackson tunes. During "Billie Jean" he executes a flawless moonwalk and the crowd goes nuts.

The whole show is nuts, the energy is ecstatic (pun intended) and Mos and Jay both say multiple times that it's been one of the best crowds of the whole tour.

12:15 - Out back we get a chance to meet Jay Electronica, Whosane, and Lilla D'mone and get autographs from each (on a poster for the concert that I ripped off the wall inside). They're all humble. Jay is stoned and signs my poster "Dear Mike G - May the force be with you - Jay Electronica".

Mos Def
"The Embassy"

Mos Def
"Billie Jean"
[Check out my head bobbing with my black hat on in the beginning and again starting at 1:10! I'm like the only other person in this whole fucking video. Hahaha]
Episode one was a hit.

We got two phone calls from listeners offering support for the music and got a bunch of love from people walking by the studio, some of whom decided to sit out the whole show right in front of the window.

Here's the completed playlist from the first full episode of Waitin' for the DJ Radio on 'The U'. As always, check us out Thursday from 3-4. Listen live at

Brother AliTruth is...Truth is HereRhymesayers
Kanye WestAmazing808s & HeartbreakG.O.O.D. Music
Mos DefLife in Marvelous TimesEcstatic
Kid CudiCudi GetA Kid Named CudiG.O.O.D. Music
Foreign ExchangeI Wanna KnowLeave it All Behind
King GeedorahFazersTake Me To Your Leader
Black SpadeTo Serve with Love (Nodzilla Remix)Nodzilla Remix
Lauryn HillEx-FactorThe Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Cornell West ft. Talib KweliBushonomicsCornell West & BMWMB
Kanye West ft. CommonGet 'Em High RemixOfficial Remixtape
Danger DoomOld School ft. Talib KweliThe Mouse and the Mask
Rockwell KnucklesGovernment NameMixtape
CommonOutro verse remixDaft Punk Match Up

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The live band is definitely working for this dude.
Pandora rocks.
Dig it.
Remember. Mature audiences only, children.


"The Artistic Integrity"

"Good Girls"

"Nike Boots"

XXL Magazine dropped the newest Kid Cudi preview release from "Man on the Moon: The End of Day". (They coded the flash player too...)

It's got a real mellow beat with chill lyrical flow and tons of echo, which is pretty much exactly what I'm expecting from this album.

The album itself hits stores sometime September...hopefully.

Enjoy the track.

Lupe breaks it down on visiting Auschwitz, experimentation on his new album L.A.S.E.R.S., Jay-Z as a genius, balancing business and art, not dealing with politics, and positivity and compassion as the message of hip-hop in the 21st century.


Also, if you didn't already, be sure to check out this Lupe Fiasco x Rolling Stones mix.

<<<<<Download it HERE>>>>>

Common chimes in on current events during a break while working on his current film project "Just Right". In a short span of time he hits every topic from politics to music.

That's all really.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Every Thursday from 3pm - 4pm starting this week, catch me (DJ Mike G aka Flaco) and my co-host (DJ Octavius aka DocOc) streaming live at

We'll be playing the best of the best true hip-hop. Underground, conscious, backpack, whatever.

Check it out when you can and check back here for archives once they're up.

As always, keep your eyes peeled for updates.


DJ Octavius (Bottom Left) & DJ Mike G (Bottom Right)

Friday, August 21, 2009

R.I.P. John Graham Mellor aka Joe Strummer
Singer, writer, artist, actor, father, poet, Punk Rock Warlord

Mr. Strummer turns 57 today. Happy Birthday, Joe.


Nas on reggae shit. Damian on hip-hop shit. Plus a Damian interview.

If you didn't know it, they're currently working on a collaboration project and touring together.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

As a special treat on one stop of Mos Def's Ecstatic tour, fans got a special treat as opening artist (and Mos Def favorite) Jay Electronica joined Mr. Def on stage to perform a remix edition of the track "Exhibit A".

Hopefully they'll put on a collaboration like that in Portland when I see them on the 29th.

Dig it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Cudder has released some updated info regarding his upcoming release, Man on the Moon: The End of Day.

The track listing has been retooled a bit and will now be organized thematically. As promised, the album is looking more and more epic by the day.

Can't wait to see if the final release matches the hype.

Updated scene-listing for Man on the Moon: The End of Day...
1. In My Dreams (Cudder Anthem)
2. Soundtrack 2 My Life
3. Simple As…
4. Solo Dolo (nightmare)
5. Heart of A Lion (KiD CuDi Theme Music)
6. My World f. Billy Cravens
7. Day N Nite (nightmare)
8. Sky Might Fall
9. Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part 1)
10. Alive (nightmare) f. RATATAT
11. CuDi Zone
12. Make Her Say f. Kanye West & Common
13. Pursuit of Happiness (nightmare) f. MGMT & RATATAT
14. Hyyerr f. Chip Tha Rapper
15. Up Up & Away (The Wake & Bake Song)

Monday, August 17, 2009

[LupE.N.D. spotted this one. Props.]

Remember when Japanese Cartoon came out with some new stuff a couple months ago and I swore up and down that Lupe Fiasco was clearly the vocalist? And all you dudes said "Nah man, nawwww it isn't him. He said it wasn't him. It can't be him."

Well that fake-ass British accent wasn't fooling me.

Wasalu Jaco = Lupe Fiasco.

I told you fools.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Harlem rapper Immortal Technique has returned to the states after a two-week journey to Afghanistan where he participated in the opening of the Amin Institute, an orphanage, school, and medical facility for children.

According to Immortal Technique in regards to the Afghan people, "If you are a visitor, they will treat you like one of their own and more ... they are some of the humbled and more respectful people I have ever come across. You have to admire their resilience of their spirit, fighting again and again [against the Soviets, Taliban and Al Qaeda] to retain their independence and identity."

His experiences will be documented in a movie he is producing with filmmaker C. Stuart who accompanied him to Afghanistan.


Props to Year of the Blacksmith as the initial source.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Deluxe DVD Edition
Standard Album Edition

This album is going to be beautiful.

Narrated by Common; featuring Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, 88-Keys, Common, and more; and including an exclusive beat from Ratatat. One word: dope.

Perhaps the intricacy of the album artwork has contributed to the continuous delays on the album release. Last I heard it comes out in September. We shall see.


Kid Cudi
Man on the Moon: The End of Day

1. "Day 'n' Nite"
2. "Make Her Say" (featuring Kanye West & Common)
3. "Sky Might Fall"
4. "Mr. Solo Dolo"
5. "Soundtrack to My Life"
6. "Galaxy Games"
7. "Intergalactic, You & Me"
8. "Teen Wolf" (featuring Ratatat)
9. "Angels & Demons" (featuring Clipse)
10. "Pursuit of Happiness" (featuring MGMT)
11. "In My Dreams (National Cudder Anthem)
12. "Not I Alone" (featuring Snoop Dogg)
13. "I Know Why"
14. "Wake Up"
15. "Heart of a Lion"
17. "Dose of Dopeness"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A while back Mos Def chimed in regarding a comment made online by Jay-Z that he is "the greatest rapper alive (tm)".

In defense of himself, as well as other great lyricists in the game (including Slick Rick, Rakim, Black Thought, and others), Dante crafted the idea of an open-forum challenge rap battle.

Various types of challenges would be available at the "Battle of New Orleans" event, such as a Battle of the Bands, Battle of the Breakers, Battle of the Beats, 5-Man Team Rap Battle Royale (including the dream team listed above) and whatever else Mos thinks up before the event takes place. Black Thought and Doom are already down.

Can the Mighty Mos make it happen? I fucking hope so.

Look for the "Battle of New Orleans" this December.

I'll be there.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Watch the Mighty Mos as he covers one of the late Michael Jackson's many hits live on his current tour. The dude can moonwalk too.

Hopefully he does something like this when I see him in Portland.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In an effort to raise awareness about whaling practices, Heath Ledger directed this music video for Modest Mouse's "King Rat". Now, months after Ledger's death, the video has been released.

The video is available for purchase on iTunes and all proceeds from the first month of sales will benefit the Sea Sheppard Conservation Society, which holds the same interests as Ledger had in mind for this video.

Rest in peace, Heath.

Monday, August 3, 2009

[Via OkayPlayer}

MCA of the Beastie Boys has been out of commission for a short while now due to recent health issues. Because of this, the Brooklyn trio was unable to perform their headlining performance at this year's All Points West music festival in New Jersey.

To fill the gap, another famous Brooklyn artist was called in: Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z. He opened right on time with a No Sleep Till Brooklyn/Brooklyn We Go Hard mashup and killed it consistently the rest of the night.

Wish I coulda been there. Oh well, I got to see Lupe Fiasco instead.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pretty fly, right? Old school Air Force 1s. Yup, those're my perty feet there.

Check out my sneakers and a load of others over at the Made Monarchs' Pump Up The Sneakers party info here.


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