Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A while back Mos Def chimed in regarding a comment made online by Jay-Z that he is "the greatest rapper alive (tm)".

In defense of himself, as well as other great lyricists in the game (including Slick Rick, Rakim, Black Thought, and others), Dante crafted the idea of an open-forum challenge rap battle.

Various types of challenges would be available at the "Battle of New Orleans" event, such as a Battle of the Bands, Battle of the Breakers, Battle of the Beats, 5-Man Team Rap Battle Royale (including the dream team listed above) and whatever else Mos thinks up before the event takes place. Black Thought and Doom are already down.

Can the Mighty Mos make it happen? I fucking hope so.

Look for the "Battle of New Orleans" this December.

I'll be there.



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