Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just listen to 50 Cent's heartfelt public service announcement to understand why listening to Fat Joe's music can be detrimental to your health.

Be safe out there.

PS: 50 Cent's music sucks too.

In case you missed 50 being rushed to the hospital after listening to Fat Joe's music, here it is in all its intensity, caught on tape.
20 years in the game, De La Soul is still kickin hard.

The new Roots single is amazing!

Rising Down, their last album, was a great release. However, it was a bit darker than Roots fans are used to. With the new single "How I Got Over" (also the title track) from their upcoming album, The Roots demonstrate that they've still got that funky style, they just had to put it on the shelf for a little bit to get a real message across.

Pretty solid video on this one. Black Thought strolls through town, while ?uestlove plays chess on the street.

This track seems to combine the best of both worlds -- it's got the gritty, somewhat dark honesty of the last album, with the new and improved groove that we've come to love.

Dig it.

When UMC (Universal Mind Control) dropped I wasn't really for it. After hearing Common talk about why he wanted to make a club record, I could feel where he was coming from (he said he didn't like the fact that none of his music was ever played at the after parties following his own shows), but I still couldn't get into the end result.

It also didn't help that the video for the single was pretty lame and definitely unoriginal. Plus, where was Pharrell? Was it actually cheaper to design a digital robot than to feature the actual artist in the vid?

Anyway, the fellas over at OkayPlayer just surfaced this -- the ORIGINAL video that was shot for the single way back when the album was still going to be called Invincible Summer (hence the "Invincible Summer" text at the very end).

To be honest, it's pretty cool. Not really sure why they scrapped it. All the breakdancing throughout leads up to the ultimate glory of Common himself busting a few moves. Pretty tight.

Lemme know what you think.
Which one's better?

Here's the old video that never surfaced...

Compared to the popular one that eventually did...
(Looks like the audio may be out of sync, but you get the idea. Check out YouTube here for a higher quality upload.)
Hopefully you caught my post of the video a while back of Mos Def talking about his love for fellow hip-hopper MF DOOM.

Well if that tripped your trigger, how about this for a little treat?

Def and DOOM trade verses and lines back and forth in some nondescript red-lit hotel room in God knows what city.

Good Lawd.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez!

After four long years since Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet, Felt makes their glorious return.

The first Felt Album, Felt: A Tribute to Christina Ricci, featured Living Legends member The Grouch. For the second installment, in suitable fashion, Atmosphere's Ant took the production controls. Now, for the next volume, undergound hip-hop hero Aesop Rock takes the lead to offer his skills to the album.

In tribute to their underground status, Slug and Murs are currently giving fans the opportunity to play the role of the press. From now to October 2, fans can submit their questions to in hopes of being one of the lucky few to have their question chosen and answered by one of the groups members on video. Here's what the Rhymesayers Entertainment page says about the whole deal:
Rhymesayers and Felt would like to present to you an opportunity to act as press for their upcoming release of Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez. Here’s how it will work:


Subject Line: [your full name] PRESS CONFERENCE
Body: Include your question, phone number (including area code), your email and where you’re from.

Submit a question to Slug, Murs, Aesop or the three as a whole. We will choose a select number of questions to be asked and answered in interviews with Felt. These will be videotaped and posted online in the time leading up to the 11/17 release.

If your question is selected, you will be notified and receive a special Felt gift pack. The submission deadline is Friday, October 2nd. That gives you a one week press pass into the inner workings of Felt.
My question is in. Get yours out there soon before time runs out.

The album drops soon. Look for it.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Live at Manifesto '09, Kweli and Hi-Tek killed it on another stunning Reflection Eternal performance.

Super stoked for an album drop.

Reflection Eternal Hits the Stage @ MANIFESTO '09 from on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Brother Ali's Fresh Air Tour isn't coming through St. Louis. Still, it looks to be the dopest tour of the fall. Might be worth a little road trip to Chicago or something. Who's with me?

Monday, September 21, 2009

After playing the St. Louis Live on the Levee concert series this August, Lupe Fiasco kept going hard on tour.

Check him out here performing "Streets on Fire" from The Cool at Governor's Island, NY.

Keep your ears to the street for the release date of Lasers. As of now, there's still no release date officially announced.

If Lupe's early reports on the progress of the album are any indication, it should be long finished by now. Apparently he wrote almost all of it in one sitting a couple months back.

If he actually did write it that quickly, then I'm appreciative of the fact that he's taken the time to edit and rework stuff. Nobody wants a rushed album.

Can't wait to hear it whenever it actually does drop.


Jimmy Fallon actually came up with something funny.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Check out Mr. K-I-D's newest unofficial release, "Cuditastic" here.


Be sure to dig Man on the Moon: End of Day, available now everywhere in the whole freaking world.

If you dug BP3, be sure to check out Goose's unused outtakes from the final cut.


>>download 'em here<<

Alex Goose

In the Spring of 2009 an A&R affiliated with the Roc got in contact with me. Shortly after, I had the opportunity to submit tracks for Jay-Z’s long awaited “Blueprint 3′ album. Unfortunately, none of them made the final cut. After letting people hear what I sent Hova (including people that know him), they all suggested I release them to the public to hear. This is what the Blueprint 3 could of been..

This one's for Octavius.

High quality video, low-ish quality audio. Whatev, you know you love it still.
Live in Chicago.

Kid Cudi + Common - "Make Her Say" + "The People" + "Resurrection" + "The Corner" Live in Chicago 9-18-9 from Brandon "N2ition" Riley on Vimeo.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Many artists in hip-hop make claims of future plans for collaboration projects.

Typically, the albums get pushed back and delayed indefinitely into obscurity. So no one paid much heed to Del the Funky Homosapien when he said he had a project in the works with Tame One.

As Funky as he is, the Homosapien is never one to be mistrusted.

And so, I present to you the first video from the Del the Funky Homosapien x Tame One project. This one's called "Flashback".


This one's for Nodzilla...

This past Tuesday marked the release of Q-Tip's new album Kamaal/ The Abstract.

To promote the album and have a little fun in the process, Mr. Tip visited Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to perform one of his new singles called "Barely in Love".

Of course, you can't have a hip-hop legend visit Late Night without a nod to the Legendary Roots Crew. So, naturally, this one features the Crew on instrumentation.

Much love.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Use the Konami cheat code on and get a special treat!
  1. Go to
  2. Press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A [enter]
  3. Enjoy the trailer to Kid Cudi's Man on the Moon: End of Day deluxe edition DVD



It appears the venomous villain has finally gotten some respect from the establishment. The most recent issue of The New Yorker features the life and times of Metal Face (known as Daniel Dumile in the civilian world). Check out the article here.

As expected, the publication is incredibly in-depth, detailing albums and projects that have seen the light of day to none but the most die hard fans. It begins with early work with KMD - including a reference to Mr. Hood but not Bl_ck B_st_rds - and spans his entire artistic career.

The man with many names has a musical history as long as his list of aliases (MF Doom, aka Doom, aka Metal Fingers, aka Zevlove X, aka Viktor Vaughn, aka the Venomous Villain, aka the Vaudeville Villain, aka King Geedorah, in addition to being the MC half of the duos Madvillain with DJ Madlib and Dangerdoom with DJ Danger Mouse, and a toss of miscellaneous other names on occasion).

"The Doom persona felt as though it had emerged from the graveyard of rappers murdered by glam-hop" the New Yorker article reads. This emergence didn’t happen overnight for the artist. When he emerged as MF Doom after taking a trip underground following the death of his brother Dingilizwe (aka Subroc), Dumile donned the metal mask of the comic book villain Doctor Doom to express his frustrations with the world of hip-hop. The reason for the character is simple: to hide the face of the rapper is to completely do away with the distractions of image from the outset.

Doom's dedication to this virtue, however, has led to some controversy. Occasionally, he will send out a friend or collaborator on-stage donning the mask to lip-sync a show, rather than being up there himself (though he does always watch from the crowd).

In response to questioning regarding such incidents in a HipHopDX interview, Doom had this to say:
"When I go to a show, I'm going to hear the music. I'm not going to see no particular person. I'm going to hear the music, if I can't see the motherfucker... I might be blind. Any cats that are coming to see me as a physical person, I can switch the [actor] any time. I'm not gonna play the part of that character every time....

People need to think outside of the box, Hip Hop is not just what you expect it to be. This is a growing genre, it's a creative field. So when you come to a DOOM show, I'm letting all the cats know now, come to hear the show and come to hear the music. To see me? Y'all don't even know who I am!"

Clearly, the roots of the MF Doom character that Dumile has created run deep. At the risk of backlash from fans, he has stuck to his guns and never broken the act in his music, both on stage and on album. Through the layout and presentation of his albums, it is evident that MF Doom is more than just a Halloween mask and a collection of old cartoon samples. It takes only limited investigation to reveal the true depth of the persona.

In Operation: Doomsday, Doom’s first release, listeners are essentially provided an image of the character as he is seen from the perspective of his various nemeses. He is nefarious and evil, embarking on his musical mission in an effort to destroy, with no notion of good. In his follow-up release, MM…Food?, the villain sheds a bit of light on the man that we thought we knew. While we aren’t provided the whole picture, we do get some image of him on a slightly more personal level. It is as if we are slowly beginning to enter his close circle, but have not yet become initiated. Born Like This, his most recent release, completes this transition of perspective. Dropping the "MF" from his name and going simply with "Doom", he adopts a more personal tone in his storytelling. Listeners are now on the equivalent of a first name basis and finally get to hear candidly from the man himself.

As always, production is central to the delivery of the album as a whole. Various producers are featured, including the late J Dilla, along with Doom himself taking the controls most often. The same is true with MC duties - Doom takes the forefront, but several artists lend their talents to the project (my personal favorite among them being Slug of Atmosphere).

It appears that Dumile's character will not be abandoned anytime soon, though he had initially planned to retire it after this album. We have his wife to thank for talking him out of it. With the success of Born Like This and somewhat unexpected publicity from sources like The New Yorker, it seems the villain is beginning to see the light of the fame that he has actively not sought for all these years.

This is the most honest fame, the kind that is not forced, sold, or even actively pursued. True appreciation by a steadily growing base of true fans (for true fans are the only ones that Doom possesses, as his unique sound is something of an "acquired taste") is everything the villain could ever need.

Perhaps he's not so venomous after all.

Be sure to check out the abstract of the article "ONWARD AND UPWARD WITH THE ARTS about the rapper MF Doom" online @ and a longer excerpt over at Stone's Throw Records. Also, be sure to catch the full article in the September 21 edition.

Also, fans will enjoy the HipHopDX article accessible through MF Doom's MySpace blog.

That's That.

K'Naan and J.Period present the last part of their Messengers trilogy of mixtapes.

The final edition is a tribute to Bob Dylan. Fela Kuti and Bob Marley were paid homage to in parts 1 and 2 respectively.

If this is anything like the last two, expect a truly heartfelt tribute, complete with covers, heavy sampling, and biographical info on the artist of the moment: Bob Dylan.

>>Download it here<<

Can't wait.

Kid Cudi's Man on the Moon: The End of Day drops today.

In celebration, here's the entire episode of BET's Rising Icons series featuring Cudder.

Awesome interview footage and a pretty solid set on this one. Look for insight on Cudi's family life, the loss of his father, the development of his artistic talents, and more.


Cudi Zone
Solo Dolo
Day 'n Night
Make Her Say (formerly Poke Her Face)

Check it out here over @ OkayPlayer.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dig this shit, man.

Note the booze.^ (Hennesey?)

Via Kanye's blog: 

And then...

I feel like Ben Stiller in "Meet the Parents" when he messed up everything and Robert De Niro asked him to leave...      That was Taylor's moment and I had no right in any way to take it from her.  I am truly sorry.    

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thanks to FUSEtv I've got the ENTIRE Jay-Z "Answer the Call" concert for ya.  Thank you and you're welcome.

Not many people can fill a venue like Jay-Z, but what about Jay-Z and all his bestest buddies?  Talk about a packed house.

The mood was serious, but not sorrowful.  The artists wore "all black everything", but the energy was still present.

Cudder kills it on Letterman WITH RATATAT ON STAGE WITH HIM!

I always wondered what those guys looked like.  (It's so awesome to see that they're just some regular looking dudes.)  Their music is some of the greatest stuff out there.  Mad props to Cudi for going with the better artist rather than some high-budget hit-maker producer.  

Also, additional props for crediting Ratatat as featured artists rather than producers.  Instrumental groups need love too.

Fuckin amazing.
I love this shit.

Find the album 9/15/9.

(Gotta love the uber-dramatic "I'll be fine....once I get it" at the very end.  Looked like Letterman loved it too.  Finally, check how Kid says "...I don't even have the CD yet..." when Dave pulls out his copy.)
Associated Press reviewed a Jay-Z concert.
Wild, right?
Jay-Z more than a rockstar at 9/11 concert
NEW YORK — Since the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9/11, many people have helped rebuild New York City in different ways. Rapper Jay-Z did it his own way: headlining a star-studded concert at Madison Square Garden.
The 39-year-old Brooklyn native performed to a sold-out crowd Friday night for his "Answer the Call" concert, which paid tribute to the police officers and firefighters who died responding to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
The Pledge of Allegiance kicked off the show, followed by "The Star-Spangled Banner" infused with an electric guitar. Jay-Z continued with his own New York anthems — including "Empire State of Mind"; "Where I'm From," a song about his upbringing in the Marcy housing projects complex; and "Brooklyn Go Hard," a collaboration with alternative singer Santigold.
The rapper, whose real name is Shawn Carter, went on to perform over 30 songs from his 11 albums during the two-hour set. The concert aired on Fuse TV, and all proceeds will be donated to the New York Police and Fire Widows' and Children's Benefit Fund.
A myriad of special guests came out to help celebrate. John Mayer rocked out on the electric guitar on "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" and Mary J. Blige added her signature gritty soul-sound on "Can't Knock the Hustle."
Jay-Z's wife, Beyonce, dominated the stage with a swagger-jammed dance routine to her hit song "Diva."
Rihanna, in her first performance since her February altercation with Chris Brown, showed she's ready to return to the stage when she sang on "Run This Town." Kanye West also performed on the song.
"We stand here tonight eight years later even stronger, even stronger," Jay-Z yelled before the performance. "This is our own. We run this town New York City!"
The performers set a serious tone Friday night — wearing mainly black and gray onstage.
The crowd, who chanted "Hova," Jay-Z's nickname, between each song, never sat since the first song began.
On the eight-year anniversary of 9/11, the rapper — who has had major success on the charts and has garnered as much respect on the streets — hoped to add light to the tragic day.
"We should always move past it and be strong but never forget," he said in a recent interview.
Jay-Z held a moment of silence three-quarters into the show, but the most emotional moment of the night came later when a montage of the faces of the men and women who died on 9/11 was shown. The head shots of the fallen appeared on a backdrop of buildings while Jay-Z's "Young Forever" played in the background.
"Make some noise for everybody that lost their lives so we can live ours," he said.
This dude destroys it.
I can't imagine being asked to freestyle before a Roots show by Black Thought himself with ?uestlove talking beats and the Crew on the backing.
Somebody had a lucky day.

Major sponsors MySpace and DJ Hero teamed up with Jay-Z to throw a wicked album release show for Blueprint III on 9/9/9.

Fan videos abound, but the nicest quality teaser obviously comes from MySpace video itself.  Check it below...

Jay-Z Run This Town LIVE at MySpace Music DJ Hero Show 9/9/09

OkayPlayer posted a tracklist for the show. Props to thems.

Run This Town
D.O.A (Death Of Auto-Tune)
U Don't Know
99 Problems
I Know What Girls Like
I Know
Venus Vs. Mars
Dirt Off Your Shoulder
Public Service Announcement
Heart Of the City (ain't no Love)
Jigga that Ni**a
H to the Izzo
Ni**a What, Ni**a Who (Originator 99)
I Just Wanna Love U (Give it 2 Me)
Show Me What You Got
Brooklyn Go Hard
*Medley w/ DJ Neil Armstrong
Money Ain’t A Thing
La-La-La (Excuse Me Again)
Fiesta Remix
You, Me, Him, and Her

***Fire drill***
A Billie tease
Can I Get A ..
Big Pimpin’
Hard Knock Life

The crowd didn't know how to react when Kanye (predictably) stormed the stage at the Video Music Awards during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for the best female video award. Some of the dumber ones clapped and cheered, probably thinking it was going to be some silly joke.

The show's producers didn't really know what to do, so they started looping the beginning of a Tracy Morgan skit. Quick thinking.

Sources say Kanye then flipped off the crowd before he finally made it back to his seat.

Sources also say that Kanye is a freaking douche sometimes.

Still, MTV has a history of staging politically incorrect stunts (like this year's MTV Movie Awards, at which Borat's naked ass came crashing down on the allegedly unprepared Eminem).

Who knows though, really. Kanye is Kanye and MTV is MTV. I'm sure somebody will get to the bottom of it or something.

(Check out Wale performing at the end of the video.)

Props to Eleven Magazine for posting a Knux track.

These dudes bring an awesome blend of hip-hop that fuses old school hip-hopper sentiments with garage rock, breakbeat, and electronic sounds.

Check out the MySpace here for more info and tunes.
Check out some excellent vids here and here.  (Embedding was disabled, otherwise I'd do the work for you.)

Cop the album Remind Me in Three Days and see for yourself.  These guys kill it.

After years spent out of the music industry, co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records Damon Dash is back. This time around, he's got somethin new to offer the world of hip-hop.

Cross-genre music has a way of appealing to the ears the same way it does to music audiences in general - mass appeal. Take the recent release by N.A.S.A., which brought together people like Kanye West, Tom Waits, David Byrne, MIA, Ol Dirty Bastard, and more for one album. (If you haven't checked that one out yet, then you're missing some serious shit from your collection.)

Dash's new project promises to add to the limited spectrum of cross-genre hip-hop. His "new favorite band" (according to is blues-rock duo The Black Keys. With their popular album Rubber Factory (along with four other studio albums, including Attack and Release produced by Danger Mouse), they brought a sort of minimalistic old-school-blues meets new/old-school garage rock - similar to but unique from The White Stripes - to a whole new level. Now, with Dash's help, they're entering the genre of hip-hop.

The first track to be released from the project is called "Hoochie Coo" featuring Mos Def and Jim Jones. Check it out here:

The total count for the album is 11 hip-hop/R&B greats: Mos Def, NOE, Q-Tip, Ol' Dirty Bastard, RZA, Jim Jones, Nicole Wray, Ludacris, Raekwon, Pharoahe Monch, and Billy Danze of M.O.P.

What's more, together Damon Dash and the Black Keys have formed a new independent hip-hop label called BlakRoc, which will first release the Black Keys collabo album on 11/27/09. While future plans for the label are yet to have been released, hopefully the group's artistic ideas and outreach will expand even further.

Check out for more information as well as videos, pictures, and links to the various websites of the participating artists. Be sure to cop the album this November.

Love the music.

Dig the trailer here:
It was a great weekend for hip-hop music.  There's a whole LIST of stuff to get to you right now.  I'm gonna throw it all at you at the same time and hope some of it sticks.

Here's all the shit I was missing this weekend working double and night shifts.  (Shit's killing me slowly.)


World Premier track!
Mos Def, Jim Jones, & the Black Keys
"Hoochie Coo"

Erykah Badu (as a special guest on Mos Def's Ecstatic Tour)
Live in Oakland

Erykah Baddu Performing Live @ The Paramount Theater in Oakland, CA. - 9/4/09 - Part 1 from on Vimeo.

Freestyle on Westwood Radio

Yeezy & Drake
"My Darlin Baby"
(Killin it soulfully.)

Mayer Hawthorne
"Green Eyed Love"
Live at the Roxy
(We played this one on Waitin' for the DJ Radio this week!  Don't miss it again.)

Kanye West featured in Takashi Murakami exhibit.

P.SO, 8thW1, & Hassaan Freestyle
Live at the BBoy BBQ
(Check out the MF Doom mural in the background.  Sweet.)

ACT:LIVE  -  BBoy BBQ Part 2 "Freestyle" from HanlonPhotographic on Vimeo.

Jay-Z let's a local girl do her thing on the mic after the performance
"Encore" live in Chicago
(Check out Lupe Fiasco up on the balcony.)

Lupe Fiacso invades Tokyo

Q-Tip remembers working with Biggie

That was a HUGE post.
Thanks for sticking with it.
Adios for now.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

If you tuned in to the show this Thursday, your ears were blessed by the lyrical stylings of St. Louis' own Corey Black.

He stopped by to discuss his upcoming projects, including a music video he'll be filming very soon.  (Hit him up on facebook if you wanna be in it!)  He was also kind enough to drop a freestyle for us over an MF Doom beat picked by yours truly.

I'll be posting those recording shortly.

Thanks for tuning in if you did.  If you didn't, ...what the hell, where were you??  Don't sleep on the next one.

Catch us every Thursday @ 3:00pm on and look for interview archives here.  And don't forget to check co-host Octavius and his pals over at


Oh, right, here's the playlist...
Kid CudiAliveMan on the Moon: The End of Day
Mos DefWorkers CompEcstatic
MIAMango Pickle Down RiverKala
Mayer HawthorneGreen Eyed LoveA Strange Arrangement
WhosaneLiving in the GhettoBlack Diamond (preview)
Jay ElectronicaEternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindAct One
Hawthorne HeadhuntersNever Give UpHawthorne Mixtape
Prince EaBet Hot 16youtube special
Corey BlackSister SisterBlack Out
Corey BlackFreestyleLIVE
KRS-OneReal Hip-Hop ft. NasAdventures in Emceein'
WaleIce and RainAttention: Deficit B-Side
Corey BlackFinger in My NoseThe Blackout EP
Corey BlackFreestyle IILIVE

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

DJ AM worked with countless solo and group acts spanning various decades and genres of work.  He produced, DJed, hosted events, and promoted.  To the world of music he was a brilliant mind.
He went out while he was still killin em, just like he hoped for.
Rest easy.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

OkayPlayer just premiered the first track from the upcoming mixtape Mad House, which drops tomorrow.
Classic Murs.  Period.

>>Catch the track here<<
Before the dust had settled from the Messengers I: Tribute to Fela Kuti had settled, K'Naan and J.Period are back already with the Messengers II: Tribute to Bob Marley.

Dig it and love it.  If you didn't cop the last episode, check it out for sure.  As always, K'Naan brings a world music flare to the world of conscious hip-hop, while J. Period mixes a solid tape as always.

One love.

This one's stale.
Somebody with skills hit me up.
I'm lookin at you, Kevin or Skip...
Just sayin.
This October in New York City will hold 50 Cent's "ThisIsFifty Fest".

Joining Mr. Cent in the festivities along with G-Unit will be the two most prominent members of 2009's freshman year of hip-hop: Kid Cudi and Wale, as well as fellow newcomer Mike Posner.

So far Cudder and Wale have managed to shy away from giving in completely to this era's new breed of gangsta-ism.  This sort of innocence is a part of their charm.

By joining Fif in his Fest, are they succumbing all too quickly to the easy route to riches and fame, or are they milking the already-established popularity of 50 and G-Unit in an effort to further spread their own, OR are they merely having a good time not worrying about the image they may inadvertently endorse?

Only time will tell.
With Talib Kweli successfully reuniting Reflection Eternal this year (see the post below), is it really too difficult to believe (or at least hope and pray) that maybe he'll do the same for Black Star?

The group moved a generation of hip-hoppers back out of obscurity and disillusion into the realm of positivity and a refined world view.  Now, this next generation of kiddos growing up on 2000s-style MTV chauvinism and greed NEED desperately something new.

Why can't it be the rebirth of a proven success that shows them the error of their ways and give them a re:definition of self?

Here to prove my point for me is Black Star themselves, performing live at the Denver stop of Mos Def's Ecstatic Tour.  (Hi-Tek is even up there with em!)


Black Star
"Re:Definition" Live
Denver, CO

Talib Kweli Performs Unreleased Track From New LP from 25 Magazine on Vimeo.

As proof that Reflection Eternal IS back again, here's a crap-quality video (but a video nonetheless) of Kweli and Tek doing their thing.

While we're still waitin for the new album Revolutions Per Minute to drop, it's nice to hear some new material as reassurance.


Monday, September 7, 2009

These aren't new tracks, but they've never seen the light of day until recently.

When they first hit they were mistaken for L.A.S.E.R.S. leaks, but don't be fooled.  Fiasco himself was quick to squash that rumor and tell everybody they were just old tracks that were only just uncovered.

To be honest, you can tell right away that they aren't fresh Lupe tracks.  Some people are easily fooled.

Still, gotta love the old style sometimes.


Lupe Fiasco
"Street Stories"

Lupe Fiasco
"This is for My Ni**as"

 Via DJ Semtex' blog.

What's next for Kid Cudi?  A new album of course.  According to Cudder, the album will be fulllllll of collaborations.  Who's he thinking?  Well...

*Chip tha Ripper
*88 Keys
*Green Day
*The Killers

The album is tentatively titled Cudder.  If it's anything at all like the man says it's gonna be, then expect some weird ass collaborations and hopefully some dope shit.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Will you cave in to the temptation to search and download? Be sure to cop it legitimately September 15.

 Meanwhile, dig Semtex' interview with Cudder here:

If you missed the last episode of Waitin' for the DJ Radio on "The U", be sure to download the official mix of the event featuring live interviews and performances by Black Spade, including an exclusive freestyle for your ears only.

>>Get the tape here<<

If you need even MORE exclusive stuff from the show, check out Octavius' live recording of a Black Spade acapella track for just a taste of what's on the tape.

Be sure to check out Spade tonight at the TEESE event and get a free CD version of the mix.


The next single released from Kid Cudi's upcoming album (September 15th!) Man on the Moon: End of Day is called "Pursuit of Happiness" and features MGMT and Ratatat.

Dreamy, eerie, and chill.  Sounds about right.

Check out the radio rip in a post below and be sure to cop the album next week.


Kid Cudi
"Pursuit of Happiness"
Man on the Moon: End of Day
Touring partners and collaborators Nas and Damian Marley bring together the two not-so-distantly-related genres of reggae and hip-hop on their upcoming album Distant Relatives.

An unofficial tracklisting for the album has been released/leaked to get everybody even more pumped up for the release.

It's working for me.

Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
Distant Relatives [unofficial]
01. Intro (Something New) [Produced By Damian Marley]  2:01
02. As We Enter [Produced By Damian Marley]  3:32
03. Revolutionary [Produced By Damian Marley]  4:54
04. Count Your Blessings [Produced By Damian & Stephen Marley]  2:44
05. Belief Is Key [Produced By Damian Marley]  4:03
06. Africa Must Wake Up (Featuring K'naan) [Produced By Damian, Stephen Marley & Nas]  5:07
07. Black Horizon (Featuring K'naan) [Produced By Damian Marley]  3:45
08. Only The Strong [Produced By Damian & Stephen Marley]  4:21
09. Our Generation (Featuring Joss Stone & Stevie Wonder) [Produced By Damian Marley]  4:58
10. Empowerment [Produced By Stephen Marley]  2:38
11. AID [Produced By K'Naan & Nas]  4:03
12. Lets End It (Poverty) (Featuring K'naan) [Produced By 9th Wonder & Damian Marley]  3:58
13. The Earth (Featuring Bob Marley) [Produced By Damian, Stephen Marley & Salaam Remi]  6:20
14. Black Man's Paper (Featuring Erykah Badu) [Produced By Afry] (UK Bonus Track  3:40
15. Weed On (Featuring Snoop Dogg) [Produced By Damian Marley]

Saturday, September 5, 2009

This past Thursday Octavius and I were stoked to present a very special guest on Waitin' for the DJ Radio on "The U". St. Louis native Black Spade stopped by to hang out for an hour. He also treated us to some live tracks -- some of them old, some of them new (including one exclusive freestyle).

As a result, I've compiled a sort of mixtape of some of the interview and live material for your listening enjoyment.

Be sure to check out the show every Thursday from 3:00-4:00pm live at We'll have local hip-hop heroes as guests regularly throughout the coming months. Look for artists and DJs like Tef Poe, Rockwell Knuckles, DJ Needles and more to stop by for the hour. If you dig hip-hop, you for sure don't want to miss it.

See you then.

The next track from the recording sessions for Wale's upcoming album Attention: Deficit dropped yesterday.

The song, called "Ice and Rain" is available for download >>here<<.  However, the track won't be included on the final cut of the album.  Consider this the first b-side.

Officially, the album is to be released in October.  We shall see.


A new Whosane video popped up on Youtube recently called "Where Ya Heart At".  The audio and video don't quite sync up, but the song is freaking amazing, so who gives a fuck.

Props to Mike Lanza.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Waitin' for the DJ Radio - Episode 02
Episode two was the best yet.

Local MC Black Spade stopped in and performed some excellent stuff -- including one or two versions of tracks that may have become Waitin' for the DJ exclusives.

Look for those uploads soon, as well as pictures from the day.  Til then, here's the playlist for the week.

-Mike Steady-

K'Naan & J.PeriodLet's Get StartedFela Kuti Tribute
Black SpadeTo Serve with Love (Nodzilla Remix)Rmx
Kid CudiLook Up in da Stars (ft. Wale)Dat Kid from Cleveland
Black SpadeEcstacy (Sweet Revenge Project) LIVESweet Revenge Project
Lupe Fiasco x Rolling StonesMashup ExtroardinaireMxUp
Rockwell KnucklesGovernment NameSingle
DoomLightworksBorn Like This
Black Spadeclub freestyle
Black SpadePlanet RockHead Nod State of Mind
Foreign ExchangeSweeter than YouLeave it all Behind
Teresa JeneeBreak My HeartThe Ecklectic

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One of the opening acts on Mos Def's Ecstatic tour is Brooklyn's own underground new kid Whosane. I'd never heard of this dude before the show, but he was amazing live and a really awesome dude to shoot the shit with afterwards.

I want to make sure you guys hear about him first before he blows up.  He just returned from a trip to South Africa.  Check out some of the footage below of him in Cape Town.

We'll be playing a preview track from his forthcoming album, Black Diamond, this week on Waitin' for the DJ Radio on "The U" - Thursday @ 3:00pm.

Don't sleep on this dude.

<<Check out Whosane on MySpace>>

Whosane and Lupe Fiasco - 2006


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