Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This October in New York City will hold 50 Cent's "ThisIsFifty Fest".

Joining Mr. Cent in the festivities along with G-Unit will be the two most prominent members of 2009's freshman year of hip-hop: Kid Cudi and Wale, as well as fellow newcomer Mike Posner.

So far Cudder and Wale have managed to shy away from giving in completely to this era's new breed of gangsta-ism.  This sort of innocence is a part of their charm.

By joining Fif in his Fest, are they succumbing all too quickly to the easy route to riches and fame, or are they milking the already-established popularity of 50 and G-Unit in an effort to further spread their own, OR are they merely having a good time not worrying about the image they may inadvertently endorse?

Only time will tell.


OcTaViUs said...

that sound dope as hell
50 um not his part though
that cat is dead

Jai. said...

1) I am slightly offended that J.Cole is not "the most prominent of 2009s freshmen year of hip-hop".
He is THE future.

2) I dont know what they are thinking esp. Mr. Kid "I dont like hip-hop" Cudi.
Let's just put it out there, 50 is garbage (his first album was good, but the niggy has sucked ever since) and it seems to go against everything that Cudi said in that interview (where he was speaking the truth about getting "lost in the wrong things").

Both Wale and Cudi are doing 50 a favor if you ask me...


Anonymous said...



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