Sunday, September 13, 2009


The crowd didn't know how to react when Kanye (predictably) stormed the stage at the Video Music Awards during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for the best female video award. Some of the dumber ones clapped and cheered, probably thinking it was going to be some silly joke.

The show's producers didn't really know what to do, so they started looping the beginning of a Tracy Morgan skit. Quick thinking.

Sources say Kanye then flipped off the crowd before he finally made it back to his seat.

Sources also say that Kanye is a freaking douche sometimes.

Still, MTV has a history of staging politically incorrect stunts (like this year's MTV Movie Awards, at which Borat's naked ass came crashing down on the allegedly unprepared Eminem).

Who knows though, really. Kanye is Kanye and MTV is MTV. I'm sure somebody will get to the bottom of it or something.

(Check out Wale performing at the end of the video.)



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