Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One of the opening acts on Mos Def's Ecstatic tour is Brooklyn's own underground new kid Whosane. I'd never heard of this dude before the show, but he was amazing live and a really awesome dude to shoot the shit with afterwards.

I want to make sure you guys hear about him first before he blows up.  He just returned from a trip to South Africa.  Check out some of the footage below of him in Cape Town.

We'll be playing a preview track from his forthcoming album, Black Diamond, this week on Waitin' for the DJ Radio on "The U" - Thursday @ 3:00pm.

Don't sleep on this dude.

<<Check out Whosane on MySpace>>

Whosane and Lupe Fiasco - 2006


Mike Lanza said...

Whosane - Where Ya Heart At:

If the link doesn't work Search Youtube: Whosane Where Ya Heart At

Just posted. Enjoy, comment, tell your friends...

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot man!

Nick Honcho said...

Wadup Whosane, keep doing your thang my dude. South Africa's got your back. Head Honcho forever!


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