Sunday, September 6, 2009

Touring partners and collaborators Nas and Damian Marley bring together the two not-so-distantly-related genres of reggae and hip-hop on their upcoming album Distant Relatives.

An unofficial tracklisting for the album has been released/leaked to get everybody even more pumped up for the release.

It's working for me.

Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
Distant Relatives [unofficial]
01. Intro (Something New) [Produced By Damian Marley]  2:01
02. As We Enter [Produced By Damian Marley]  3:32
03. Revolutionary [Produced By Damian Marley]  4:54
04. Count Your Blessings [Produced By Damian & Stephen Marley]  2:44
05. Belief Is Key [Produced By Damian Marley]  4:03
06. Africa Must Wake Up (Featuring K'naan) [Produced By Damian, Stephen Marley & Nas]  5:07
07. Black Horizon (Featuring K'naan) [Produced By Damian Marley]  3:45
08. Only The Strong [Produced By Damian & Stephen Marley]  4:21
09. Our Generation (Featuring Joss Stone & Stevie Wonder) [Produced By Damian Marley]  4:58
10. Empowerment [Produced By Stephen Marley]  2:38
11. AID [Produced By K'Naan & Nas]  4:03
12. Lets End It (Poverty) (Featuring K'naan) [Produced By 9th Wonder & Damian Marley]  3:58
13. The Earth (Featuring Bob Marley) [Produced By Damian, Stephen Marley & Salaam Remi]  6:20
14. Black Man's Paper (Featuring Erykah Badu) [Produced By Afry] (UK Bonus Track  3:40
15. Weed On (Featuring Snoop Dogg) [Produced By Damian Marley]


Jai. said...

I am going to lose my fucking brain cells when this album drops!
Junior Gong is my guy and uh, Nas is just the truth.
K'naan is all over this record though and he's never impressed me but we will see.


Anonymous said...

i don't know man, have you checked out The Messengers mixtape that just dropped by K'Naan and J.Period? It's fucking hot as hell in my opinion. I posted a link to it about a week or so ago.

Lemme know what you think if you've gotten a chance to check it out.


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