Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When UMC (Universal Mind Control) dropped I wasn't really for it. After hearing Common talk about why he wanted to make a club record, I could feel where he was coming from (he said he didn't like the fact that none of his music was ever played at the after parties following his own shows), but I still couldn't get into the end result.

It also didn't help that the video for the single was pretty lame and definitely unoriginal. Plus, where was Pharrell? Was it actually cheaper to design a digital robot than to feature the actual artist in the vid?

Anyway, the fellas over at OkayPlayer just surfaced this -- the ORIGINAL video that was shot for the single way back when the album was still going to be called Invincible Summer (hence the "Invincible Summer" text at the very end).

To be honest, it's pretty cool. Not really sure why they scrapped it. All the breakdancing throughout leads up to the ultimate glory of Common himself busting a few moves. Pretty tight.

Lemme know what you think.
Which one's better?

Here's the old video that never surfaced...

Compared to the popular one that eventually did...
(Looks like the audio may be out of sync, but you get the idea. Check out YouTube here for a higher quality upload.)



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