Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spanning multiple genres and many talents, Adam Goldstein, aka DJ AM, has left a certain legacy on the world of music the likes of which is not often felt.

His recent death left many surprised and saddened at the loss of a family member, friend, and/or favorite musical mind.

Though many have spoken or reported on the man's death, ?uestlove of the Roots posted perhaps the most fitting eulogy on OkayPlayer.com recently. Here is merely an excerpt of the many words he had to share:

without getting uber dramatic about it i will say that of all the dj's that i've encountered in my life (i could write a bajillion paragraphs on flash, jay, jeff, cash, cosmic kev, primo, muro, kon, amir, wolf, z, king britt, medina, and cosmo) i believe its safe to say that adam's influence has effected me the most...

...he loved music.
we aimed for hours sharing treats.
he was NEVER stingy with sharing his records and music with me
he put his money where his mouth was: i knew alot of cats who get the spotlight and never use that moment to enlighten someone...

...this is a sad sad sad painfully sad loss.

peace be with his family and friends and all who loved him.

-one love ad.




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