Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If you didn't catch this month's issue of Eleven Music Magazine, be sure to grab a free copy from somewhere/anywhere around the St. Louis metro area.

Inside you'll find an excellent mix of music reviews, interviews, previews, etc. etc. including one by yours truly reviewing J-Toth's most recent album Sick Boys. (You can also catch it over at Vintage Vinyl marking Jonathon Toth from Hoth's spot in the hip-hop new release section.) Check the review below...

Jonathan Toth from Hoth is St. Louis hip-hop to the bone. His vocals are heavy and honest. In true Midwestern fashion, his beats don’t fit one regional style, but utilize any and every technique available. The finished products are dark and simple; they’re chopped, screwed, and replete with samples and effects.

Sick Boys is a concept album without really being one. Teaming up with St. Louis native DJ Crucial for the first time since “Ghostwhirl” in 2005, J-Toth pays tribute to the only subject he loves more than music: skateboarding.

Early on, “California” recounts skating’s genesis on the West Coast. Toth’s formative years skateboarding in West County are reminisced in “Thank God” and “Let’s Ride.” The gem of the disc, “Member That?” is buried toward the end of the album at track 21. The refrain is a Chris Farley SNL sample with a remixed laugh track, which forms part of the beat over which Toth shines.

Sick Boys’ depth is its only fault – 23 tracks and one bonus is a bit lengthy. Still, Jonathan Toth from Hoth and DJ Crucial are clearly on their game. If Toth manages to stay this dedicated, his goal of releasing one album a month will be much worth the effort.

[Edit: Ghostwhirl was '05 not '07. My bad.]


JonathanToth said...

Thanks for the review Mike. We appreciate the kind words. SK8 OR DIE!

Anonymous said...

For sure man. Keep pumping out the good stuff. Props to Crucial as well.
PS: Ghostwhirl fucking rules.


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