Friday, October 9, 2009

First off, here's MTVs crappy 'ole list in full:
  1. Jay-Z
  2. Lil' Wayne
  3. Drake
  4. Kanye West
  5. Rick Ross
  6. Gucci Mane
  7. Jeezy
  8. Fabolous
  9. 50 Cent
  10. Raekwon
Now I've got a huge list of problems with this list which can be explained in the following comment: MTV is a commercial entity that must please its entertainers; i.e. they only chose from the shit they play. Lame.

Individual comments -- (1) Drake can't rap. The dude can sing and he's great at pulling in solid supporting rappers, but he's not good enough to be on this list. (2) Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Jeezy, Fabolous, and 50 are trash. (3) Cuban Linx II wasn't very good. As much as I like Raekwon's other stuff, he just didn't bring it this year.

So, off MTVs list, that leaves Jay, Wayne, and Kanye (and even Kanye is questionable this year). Personally, I would have put (MF) DOOM (did you listen to Born Like This?), Mos (a lot of people have issues accepting Mos Def as a rapper due to his movie career, but listen to this year's release, The Ecstatic, AND listen to his freestyles in response to Jay-Z calling himself the "greatest rapper alive"), Brother Ali (you shoulda seen him on tour with Atmosphere; also, check out Us), Jay Electronica (goes without saying that this dude is dope and just starting to really take off), Murs (awesome stuff in general, plus he's working on a new Felt album with Slug that looks awesome), Eminem (top selling album over everything plus his recent features and performances have been tops), Lupe ("Shining Down" and the new one "Fire" are solid, plus his tours have been standing room only all year), and Q-Tip (two albums this year and both instant classics). All together that's 10 total in no particular order. Count 'em.

Now that we got that all cleared up...

Speaking of the Hottest MC List, Jay-Z felt obliged to drop his 2 cents on the matter as well.

Jay made the top of the list, so of course he didn't have too much negative to say about that. However, he was a bit peeved about the exclusion of one particular individual...
"MTV, Thanx for this nod of appreciation. Although I don’t strive to be ‘hot’ for any particular year, I thank you for the acknowledgment. My whole goal is to be recognized as the best ever. I created the term ‘best rapper alive’ as a sign of respect to my fallen comrades (Biggie and Tupac). I believe I’ve allowed a significant grace period, and I believe I would not be respecting myself if being the absolute best was not my goal, and that’s why I continue to push myself until exhaustion … salute.

Sidebar: Kanye moment if I may … Eminem?!?! I think you do the credibility of this list a disservice if you don’t thoroughly explain his omission. As of this second he has the highest selling rap album of the year and a scene stealing verse on the best ‘posse’ cut of the year . (*Hands mic back to Taylor Swift … and nobody was harmed, I apologize in advance.)"
Damn. Kanye can't even catch a break from Hov.
Em can't seem to catch a break from anybody.

While I still don't buy that Jay-Z is the "best rapper alive" (numbers aren't everything, Tef Poe), I do of course agree with him that Eminem has been pretty solid in his recent releases.

MTVs response?

Eminem's ranking was one of the most discussed topics at the Roundtable. His hotly anticipated return to hip-hop after a long absence drove first-week sales of over 600,000 — the highest first-week sales of the year so far. He granted a handful of select interviews here and abroad, and was part of a massive moment with Sacha Baron Cohen at the MTV Movie Awards.

But then Em retreated to the lab, where he spent the summer crafting Relapse 2. From June to September, Em all but took himself out of the public eye, while other MCs generated week-to-week heat with mixtapes, guest appearances, performances and Web activity.

He returned in September with comedic moments and a win at the VMAs, then dropped a verse on Drake's "Forever" (also featuring Kanye West and Lil Wayne). The song's move into heavy rotation came subsequent to our roundtable vote. In between, he kept his profile low.

Eminem is one of the best ever on the mic. His track record is undeniable. The Hottest list deals with right now, though. If the Brain Trust had compiled the Hottest list back in May, there's no doubt Eminem would have made the Top 10. -MTV

Dunno if I buy it.

You can't please everybody, however. Even if Eminem was included, there are plenty of other dudes who could for sure have stood up against the winners. Whatev.



OcTaViUs said...

Dude we jus discuss this didn't drake is dope as fuck so is fab and jeezy. No they not all on the same level but jeezy is hella dope so is fab drake style is mean and u no it we have to have a sit down

Anonymous said...

haha i dunno man. even if they're good, i don't think they're in the top 10!

we shall discuss this for sure.

also, i forgot about nas and black thought. don't tell me jeezy is hotter than those dudes.


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