Thursday, December 3, 2009

We knew we'd be hearing from Mr. K-I-D sooner than later, especially after he dropped that awesome freestyle a couple days back.

So this is where I say, "Kid Cudi, your new album is going to be called Cudder, right? Tell me about it."

And Cudi says...

Just like Cudi says in the interview, his new LP (called Cudder) sounds like the complete opposite of Man on the Moon.

While his first album was epic, deep, and chill, his sophomore release promises to be a bit more "playful and fun" as he puts it.

Just like he said a while back, the new album will be full of guest spots. If you remember, Man on the Moon: The End of Day was actually supposed to be called Man on the Moon: The Guardians. He ended up changing the name because a lot of the features he had planned ended up falling through. He won't let that happen again, believe me.

This time around he's got Snoop, The Clipse, Pharrell, and Jim Jonsin already locked down. Also, I think it's fair to bet that you can expect more from MGMT and Ratatat. He also said way back when that he wanted to get some rock collabos too -- like The Killers and Green Day -- and big time hip-hoppers -- like Jay-Z. It's ALSO safe to say that there will be plenty of G.O.O.D. Music features as well -- including Kanye, Common, John Legend, Big Sean, and Cons.

A lot of this is just speculation, but you can most likely take it to the bank. Quote me on it.


Anonymous said...

kid cudi is the shit....
can't wait for Cudder!!!!


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