Wednesday, January 20, 2010

(The image above is an official piece of the album art from Plastic Beach.)

Mos Def already confirmed a short while back that he would be present on the newest Gorillaz project Plastic Beach. Under the name SunMoonStars, Mos will apparently be a prominent feature on the album. (GET MORE INFO ON THAT HERE)

Since they formed, the Gorillaz have always been something of a mystery group. Obviously, with the group's performers being animated images, it is hard to tell exactly who has participated over the years.

One rumor floating around is that the Gorillaz beloved animated drummer, Russel, is leaving the group. Perhaps this is where SunMoonStars fits in?

We can only wait to see more.

Until then...
(Embedding is disabled so I can't post the video here. Sorry.)

Also, here's a leak of what is allegedly the instrumental to one of the first singles from the album, called "Stylo." The track has also been referred to as "Binge." No word on whether this is an unfinished version or the completed song.

In addition, here's a demo of another track from the album. This one is called "Broken."




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