Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Via 2dopeboyz...

"Lately the c-section has been boiling about who is better between these two. I don’t really think it’s fair to compare as Lu has two official albums and a ton more material out. Either way… in a upcoming interview with BrooklynBodega Jay Elect reveals that there might be a record in the works.

TCM: On Okayplayer there was a big debate — Lupe Fiasco vs Jay Electronica — going on. I know how I feel about it. I know everyone else knows how they feel about i. But when can we expect to hear y’all on a track together.

JE: We going to be no track together in the immediate future. That’s my brother. He reached out. I got bad phone etiquette so it took me a minute to reach back. But we gonna reach, we gonna talk. We’ve been in communication and we’re going to work. That’s my brother. And his sword is magnificent and he’s a great god at what he does, you know what I’m saying. We’re going to connect."



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