Friday, January 29, 2010

Via 2dopeboyz...
"It’s always great to hear something new from the North St. Louis rhymeslinger. Folks need to stop sleeping on this dude. “The planet’s wildin’ out, even preacher speaking evil, Pat Robertson’ll vouch (fuck’em!), Lousy mother-fuck-er, argument is weak, judging ‘Clef while he pulling dead bodies out the street.” Yea… I can’t wait for his next project, Choose Your Own Adventure."
The track is called "Precaution." Download it below.

Do you recognize the first verse? You would if you had tuned in to Waitin for the DJ Radio when Rocky was a guest. No worries though, it'll be on the mixtape soon enough.

Keep posted on the mixtape.
Props to Rocky.

PS: This is the second time Rocky has been mentioned on 2dopeboyz and related blogs in the past couple months. Check out the previous-most-recent mention HERE.




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