Monday, January 25, 2010

The official Waitin' for the DJ Live Mixtape release is fast approaching.

19 tracks are engineered so far. Album art is in the works.

All that's left is to complete the mixing with DJ Needles, the cover art, promotion, and distribution.


Featured artists:
Prince Ea
Black Spade
QB of Family Affair
Tef Poe
Corey Black
Teresa Jenee
Rockwell Knuckles
Nato Caliph
Jabari Pendelton
Bryant Stewart
Shaun Li
MK Stallings
Wayne Scott II
Will Hump
Mike Young

Featuring local beats from:
Hawthorne Headhunters

Mixed by:
DJ Needles

Engineered by:
Mike G

Produced by:
Mike G
Adrian "Doc Oct" Walker

Made Monarchs

  1. "Ecstacy" - Black Spade
  2. "Shining Star" freestyle - Rockwell Knuckles
  3. "Afro Fight" freestyle - QB of Family Affair, Mike Young, Will Hump
  4. "Galangal Root" freestyle - Corey Black
  5. "Fire" freestyle - Tef Poe
  6. "Forever" remix - Prince Ea, Corey Black, Tef Poe, Mike Young
  7. Untitled freestyle - Bryant Stewart
  8. "Daps and Pounds" freestyle - Corey Black, Tef Poe, Prince Ea
  9. "She's the One" remix - Black Spade
  10. "Cipher" - MK Stallings
  11. "The Cool" freestyle - Prince Ea, Mike Young
  12. "Let's Talk About/Lightworks" freestyle - A-Game
  13. "Walk Away" freestyle - Jabari Pendelton
  14. "State of Grace" freestyle - Nato Caliph, Corey Black
  15. "Da Shorty's Mine" freestyle - Prince Ea
  16. "Exhibit A" freestyle - Tef Poe, Wayne Scott II, Will Hump, Mike Young, QB of Family Affair
  17. "Planet Rock" - Black Spade
  18. "Thank You" remix - Teresa Jenee, Corey Black, Bryant Stewart, Shaun Li
  19. "Pretty Girls" freestyle - Prince Ea
Keep posted for more details as they develop.
Get ready, it's coming.


Shedrick said...

good stuff man, this is going to be dope.


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