Friday, February 26, 2010

The newest drop from the Gorillaz' upcoming project, Plastic Beach, hit the net today. Featured this time around are Gruff Rhys and past Gorillaz collaborators De La Soul.


In addition, the creative minds behind Gorillaz have blessed web surfers with another animated short. This time, we get a glimpse into the beginning of Russel Hobbs' (Gorillaz animated drummer) trip towards the floating behemoth called Plastic Beach.

Previous Plastic Beach updates/releases:
  • Check out how singer 2D arrived on the island HERE.
  • Check out the first remix of the first Plastic Beach single, "Stylo," HERE.
  • Check out the sneak peak of the official "Stylo" music video HERE.
  • Check out how animated bass player and band leader Murdoc Niccols first arrived on the beach HERE.
  • Check out a full orchestral trailer for the album HERE.
  • Check out British grime MC Kano discussing his part on the album HERE.
  • And finally, check out the official tracklisting, cover art, album announcement, and first single, "Stylo," featuring Mos Def and Bobby Womack ALL HERE.
In addition, if you want to check out a track-by-track walkthrough of the entire album by bassist Murdoc, you can catch that over on the Gorillaz' official site HERE.

That's everything so far.
Look for Plastic Beach to hit shelves in the US on March 9th.
Til then, keep checking here for updates.


PS: If you haven't browsed around Plastic Beach on the newly-updated Gorillaz official site over at, then I highly suggest you give it a shot. It's addicting man. The widget below will make sense to you once you explore the site a little.



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