Monday, February 15, 2010

The full mixtape was supposed to drop today, but so far hasn't surfaced. Instead, the artwork and tracklisting have been released, as well as a sampler of the album.

(Click the image for full-size).

Hopefully this drops sometime very soon. The tracklisting looks amazing and Ski has so far always brought us good things from the lab.

Still, after getting stiffed by Mos Def and DOOM in Chicago the other night, I'm quickly growing tired of artists not coming through on time. After so much time claiming that the tape would drop on Feb. 15th, it seems like an incredibly lame move to wait until that date to update fans on the fact that it won't actually come out til March 20th. This is especially whack given the fact that Ski is attempting to sell the tape rather than give it away like most mixtapes.

Go to the OFFICIAL WEBSITE HERE and click "Music" if you want to sign up for updates and download the mixtape snippets.




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