Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A message from Work/Play via MadeMonarchs...
Ever since the catastrophe that hit the island of Haiti, Kevin & I decided we wanted to do more than just send off a donation to one of the many organizations out there. Instead, we designed a Hat for Haiti where it combines our design aesthetic along with the colors of Haiti & the use of denim. This isn't just some 'promotional item' crap...where after you purchase it, you feel bamboozled. In fact, not only will it be a dope ass hat that you can rock anytime, but ALL...let me repeat...ALL the proceeds will go to Wyclef's organization Yele for your purchase. Now that you have a little background, here's what we want from YOU: Long story short...we presented our idea to a few local BIG investors, but they were on some other stuff. So we decided to go directly to the people & get an accumulation of pre-order sales to front the costs. We have a well-known hat company that is willing to give us a break on the cost to make the hats. We just need people that want to rock something fresh & can put in a pre-order for their hats. The 5-panel hats are only $30.

Here's a sample image, just to give you a taste of the basic design of the hat.

You don't want to pass this up. It's for a good cause, plus it promises to be a killer design. Work/Play always follows through. Check them out HERE for more information and to get a look of their other design.




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