Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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Georgia Anne Muldrow is an exceptional talent that the world has yet to really know and appreciate. Her brand of funk, soul, jazz, hip hop is a bridge the youth can use to learn from the ancestors. Her passion for bringing change to the world is really needed and reflects in her songwriting. DJ Flash Gordon Parks has compiled some of his favorite Georgia Anne Muldrow tracks from her relentless output of music spanning the last decade. Enjoy!!!

Child of the Sun Tracklist – mix by DJ Flash Gordon Parks

1. Midtro Too
2. Frames
3. De Wiz
4. The Clearing
5. Doobie Down
6. Lovelight
7. Roses
8. Sunset
9. Midtro
10. Larva
11. John De Conqueror (Ona Move)
12. Because
13. Wrong Way
14. In Love Again
15. Nowadayze
16. Uhuru Flight
17. Industrial Bap
18. Reallytho
19. Sermontee
20. Demise
21. Runaway
22. Kings Ballad
23. Outro

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