Monday, May 31, 2010

The Cool Kids are supposed to be dropping a new mixtape sometime tonight. If you can't even wait a short while longer, here's a leak track from the project. The mixtape title is Tacklebox and the song is "So Neat."

Lil Wayne has been working hard since he got shipped to prison. Apparently he filmed around 70 hours worth of video footage to be steadily leaked during his sentence time. The goal of this is, he says, to stay relevant without being present. We'll see if it works.

His last video was "Da Da Da". Catch it HERE. Check out his latest, "Get A Life", below.


Black Spade is one of many St. Louis artists to be featured on the upcoming Waitin for the DJ Live Mixtape. He also happens to be one of the many St. Louis hip-hop artists to perform this weekend at S.L.U.M.Fest at the Atomic Cowboy.

Lucky for us, he performed one of the very same tracks this weekend that you will hear him dish out on the mixtape. As luck would have it, another St. Louis artist, Jonathan Toth from Hoth (who just so happened to master the Waitin for the DJ Live Mixtape recordings) caught it on tape. He was kind enough to layer the live footage over the live recording from the mixtape and the result is pretty smooth.

So, without further ado, check out Black Spade shown here live at S.L.U.M.Fest giving a performance live on the Waitin for the DJ Live Mixtape. Enjoy.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blu's putting together something nice to behold. Hand crafted and one of a kind. Nice. See what the fuck I'm talking about HERE.

Wu-Tang has a new project on the way called Pollen: The Swarm.

Nailed it. This is what I said four days ago:
With Method Man, Ghostface Killah, and Raekwon recently releasing a collabo album and planning to headline the upcoming Roots Picnic, RZA beginning to filter out new tracks, and ODB making a post-mortem feature on the BlakRoc project, I can't help but wonder whether we'll see a genuine Wu-Tang resurgence. I guess we'll know it's official once GZA starts dropping shit. Keep your ear to the ground.
Nailed it.

Here's RZA's official statement on the newest Wu-Tang project:
"Wutang is forever and we will continue to shine light and spread music to the world. As for anyone and anything else you may need to refer back to the WUTANG'S first suggestion which is to certainly 'PROTECT YA NECK .”
The album will feature original and late-arrival Wu-Tang members including RZA, Method Man, Ghostface, Trife, Solomon Childs, Boy Jones, Prodigal Sun, Killer Priest, Street Life, Remedy, JoJo Pelligrino, Rev Burke and the late ODB with RZA on executive production. My only question is what the hell is GZA doing?

The disc will drop through Wu Music Group on June 22. The group will also be headlining this year's Rock the Bells Tour as well as the annual Roots Picnic.

As always, protect ya neck.
What a great sample to choose.

Catch the track below.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Just before his prison sentence began, Lil Wayne reportedly clocked 70 hours worth of video footage (including his "Drop the World" verse with Eminem, which you can catch HERE). His people said he did it for two reasons: (1) to try to get as much out of him as possible since he won't be able to get back to work for some time, and (2) to have enough material to release gradually throughout his prison sentence in order to keep him relevant in the eyes of the media and his fanbase. Now that's good business sense.

The next release aimed at keeping Weezy relevant to the world is a video for "Da Da Da" from the Rebirth album. Check it out:

Reflection Eternal is taking over this blog recently man. Just caught another new video from the duo, which consists of Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek. This time they've dropped a very simple video for their new track "So Good." Looks like we got Hi-Tek on a verse on this one too! Check it out:

I know I just posted a live version of this song earlier this week, but every song that sounds good live, sounds 10x better live with the Roots. Nawmean?

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West Ft. Dwele – Power

Props to B. Stewart for posting this.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

While Eminem is busy shooting the video for his latest single, "Not Afraid", he was kind enough to give his fans a glimpse at two different versions of the artwork for his latest album, Recovery. Check them out below.

Not the highest quality images, but you get the picture. Look for the video sometime in the next couple weeks.


It doesn't take Jay-Z long to start kicking big tracks out again after every project. This time, he's jumped onboard with Drake for his newest, called "Light Up."

Jay's verse isn't the strongest I've heard by him, but I am pleased with Drake's opener. To be honest, I have a hard time getting into that dude, but he really brings it on this one. Check it out below.

Props to Semtex for the post.


Enjoy the track. With all this new shit dropping, it's not a bad way to start off the summer, eh?

A new track from Blu has surfaced via his Tumblr page. The track is called "Justtoperfect" and features Exile on production.

No word yet as to whether or not this track will be featured on his new project NoYork! or not. (Previously, two track have been released from said project. Check them out HERE.)

EDIT: 2DB just posted the track along with a rip. Props.

It's also possible that the track is part of another Blu project in the works called nobodybutu. As usual, Blu has been very vague as to the style and even medium of the work. He calls it a dedication to film, so it's safe to bet that it will be primarily a visual work with an audio component. That seems to be his style anyway when it comes to his music videos. Catch his brief description here:

Sounds like a film about making films, or possibly a film about films about making films. It's all a bit confusing. We'll just have to wait and see. Look for it sometime in June 2010.

You can hear "Justtoperfect" over on Blu's site HERE. Enjoy as always.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Madlib and DOOM are back again. After taking to the studio sometime in 2009, the duo - collectively known as Madvillain - have released their latest single via Adult Swim. The track is called "Papermill" and can be listened to and download HERE.

The new Madvillain album is a work in progress and as-of-yet untitled. When it does drop though, it'll be through Stones Throw Records. Keep it pasted here for details.

Look for it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not to be outdone by Dame Dash's BlakRoc collabo with the Black Keys, Jay is in the studio with another bluesman: Jack White of the White Stripes, The Raconteurs, etc. Check it...

Props to Nodzilla for posting this first.

Last Saturday, St. Louis hip-hop heads collaborated to put together what looks like it might be the new hottest music video to come out of the city. I, unfortunately, missed it for work. Bleh.

Black Spade's "I Heart" video was shot on location at The Vault. Check out the behind-the-scenes footage rightchea...

Every so often (on the first Saturday of the month) St. Louis mixmaster DJ Needles, aka Nodzilla, decides to float down from his mystical mixing tower to grace the petty humanoids of St. Louis with his presence. When he does this, hip-hop heads from all walks of life converge and miraculous things happen. These instances of hip-hop hypnotism have come to be called Hip Hop Ya Don't Stop.

On Saturday, June 5th, Nappy DJ Needles has scheduled once more to make his presence known. At 11:30pm, the Delmar Lounge on Delmar Blvd. will reverberate as Nodzilla's tables beam straight Hip Hop from the 80s, 90s, 00s and beyond directly into your face.

Be there.

Still not sure? Check out the man in action...

The RZArecta is back as his alter ego, Bobby Digital. With Method Man, Ghostface Killah, and Raekwon recently releasing a collabo album and planning to headline the upcoming Roots Picnic, RZA beginning to filter out new tracks, and ODB making a post-mortem feature on the BlakRoc project, I can't help but wonder whether we'll see a genuine Wu-Tang resurgence. I guess we'll know it's official once GZA starts dropping shit. Keep your ear to the ground.

Fresh off the release of his collaborative album with Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, Nasir drops another new track. This time, he's redone Slick Rick's classic "Hey Young World." Check it out:

Peace peace.

With two new tracks recently debuted (here and here), a new video (here), and a new album in the works, it appears that Mia is officially back. You can catch her donning the cover of the next issue of Complex Magazine, as well as a full interview inside.

If you can't wait for it to be in your hands, check out some of the interview HERE.


Friday, May 21, 2010

St. Louis rapper Tef Poe just dropped a new track from his forthcoming mixtape. This time he goes in on TI's "I'm Back." Check the download link below and be sure to check out Tef's recent release, Money Never Sleeps, right HERE.


With plans underway to open the world's first National Hip-Hop Museum, certain pioneers of the genre are speaking out against the project. One such persona is KRS-One.

Via DistortionToStatic...
KRS-One is continuing to speak out against the proposed erection of the National Museum of Hip-Hop.

As previously reported The Teacha was supposed to host the launch ceremony for the museum but instead spoke out saying that he and several other Hip-Hop pioneers did not and would not support the institution.

Now he's speaking out again and says that the pioneers featured in the upcoming building should receive some kind of compensation.

He tells the Wall Street Journal,

“They deserve to get paid. This wouldn't be a gift, more like a honorarium for scholars.”

In addition to KRS-One, Chuck D of Public Enemy has made it clear that he's no fan of the museum.

The WSJ reports that he was expected to co-host the museum's April Gala at New York's Pink Elephant nightclub but left early saying,

“This is like the O.K. Corral.”

The rappers and their supporters have since formed the Universal Federation for Preservation of Hip-Hop, what theWall Street Journal describes as a sort of “union to generate revenue for the pioneers. “

Federation members would license their memorabilia to be used at museums or in movies for a fee.
After the Roots spent the evening previewing their new album, How I Got Over, to a select group of New Yorkers last night, Black Thought sat down to discuss the status of his long talked-about solo project, Masterpiece Theater. He also outlines his project with Danger Mouse, Dangerous Thoughts, and his side project, the Money Making Jam Boys. Here's what he had to say:

?uesto clears up certain misconceptions recently floating around in regards to the new Roots album, How I Got Over. Counting live albums, this project will be the 11th album for the Legendary Crew (as opposed to 9, which some media was reporting). Also, counting interludes, there will be 11 tracks (fitting, eh?), as opposed to the 9 titles that were recently announced. The thus-far-official tracklisting including interludes looks like this:

1. Walk Alone (Truck North, Porn, Dice Raw, Mercedes Martinez)
2. Dear God 2.0 (Jim James, Monsters of Folk)
3. Radio Daze (Blu, Porn, Dice Raw, Mercedes Martinez)
4. Now Or Never (Phonte Coleman, Dice Raw)
5. How I Got Over (Dice Raw)
6. The Day (Blu, Phonte Coleman, Patty Crash)
7. Right On (Joanna Newsom, Sugar Tongue Slim)
8. Doin It Again (John Legend)
9. The Fire (John Legend, Rick Friedrich)
10. Web 20/20 (Truck North, Peedi Crakk)
11. Bonus Cut

Ya dig?

On the heels of the new Reflection Eternal album, Talib is already coming back with a new solo track. The track, called "Papers Please", addresses the issues raised by immigration laws in Arizona and anti-immigrant sentiments across the country.

"I could never respect a law that doesn't respect humanity..."
-Talib Kweli

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The other day the Roots Crew dropped the cover art for their latest LP, How I Got Over. Typically, the Roots adorn their albums with captivating and/or historical images that correspond in some way with the title. For HIGO, however, they seem to have decided on a slightly more standard style of cover (reminds me of a zombie movie poster). Either way the album looks like it's going to be big.

Today, they've dropped an unfinalized tracklisting for the project as well. Take a look:

1. Walk Alone (feat. Truck North, Porn, Dice Raw & Mercedes Martinez)
2. Dear God 2.0 (feat. Jim James & MOF)
3. Radio Daze (feat. Blu, Porn, Dice Raw, Mercedes Martinez)
4. Now Or Never (feat. Phonte & Dice Raw)
5. How I Got Over (feat. Dice Raw)
6. The Day (feat. Blu, Phonte & Patty Crash)
7. Right On (feat. Joanna Newsom & STS)
8. Doin It Again (feat. John Legend)
9. The Fire (feat. John Legend & Rick Friedrich)

As you can see, the usual suspects are back: Porn, Dice Raw, Truck North. However, it's not all standard procedure. This time around, underground/internet phenom Blu has made the lineup. Also, John Legend is on a couple tracks as well (predictable since the Roots are also currently working on a collaborative album with the sould/R&B singer).

Look for How I Got Over on June 22nd.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Via AlJazeeraEnglish...

He was the first African-American to get a PhD in philosophy at Princeton.

He went on to write more than 20 books, receive more than 20 honourary degrees, to teach at Harvard and Yale, and hold classes at universities from Paris to Addis Abeba.

With his latest hip hop CD he was named "MTV's artist of the week", and he has provided futuristic philosophical commentary on all three Matrix movies.

In a famous spat with the then president of Harvard University he called Lawrence Summers "the Ariel Sharon of higher education."

Avi Lewis talks to Cornel West, a professor of African American Studies at Princeton, hip hop artist, and one of the most controversial academics in the US, about the state of democracy for African-Americans today, the Obama administration, and his dispute with Lawrence Summers.

He also shares his views on US foreign policy, the war in Afghanistan, global recession, and the growing pressure on Barack Obama.

This is my first non-hip-hop music post for some time (at least since we did the Waitin for the DJ radio show a while back). This is still somewhat related to hip-hop though.

The Black Keys (the blues-pop-rock duo behind the production on the recent BlakRoc project album) have just released the first video from their new album. The song is called "Tighten Up" and the album is called Brothers. Both the video and the album dropped today. Catch the video below.

TJ sat down with iRepSTL to break down her music and everything related. She also takes the time to bust out a soulful track on the piano. Check it out:

Monday, May 17, 2010

One of the many projects on Jay Electronica's plate is an audio/video piece filmed largely in Nepal. Some of the footage of that can be seen here:

Now, new footage of this trip has surfaced. Hopefully this is a signal that Act III or some other project will be released sometime soon. More likely, however, is the possibility that somebody had this footage and figured they might as well put it out. See it here:

In other news, Jay Elect recently signaled via Twitter that the full title of Act III will be Act III: The Last Will & Testament Of Timothy Elpadaro Thedford (The Prestige). Long, but nice.

The last time I saw Mos Def (in Chicago with MF DOOM), he was a serious disappointment. To recap: he showed up 5 1/2 hours late, did a very short and unprepared set, and left abruptly with no explanation or apology. Most of the people I talked to at that show said they would never support his music again, or at the very least not support his live shows again.

However, the first time I saw Mos Def (in Portland, OR with Jay Electronica), he was amazing. He blew the roof off with a super long set, well prepared, excellent stage presence, etc. etc. SO, the final verdict is still out. It's doubtful that he is usually horrible but happened to be good in Portland. What is more likely is that he's usually on his game, but something that night in Chicago put him off. Plus, I haven't really seen any live videos of him putting on a less-than-energized performance.

Case in point: he does excellent work like this...
(Via 2DB) performing at the Gulf Aid benefit concert in New Orleans. Which raised funds for wetland recovery efforts, fishermen and their families as oil continues to spill into the Gulf.

So, the moral of this story is this: go see Mos Def live in concert if you have a chance. Even if something goes awry and he isn't good, he's still a solid artist.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

When they ended up taking the gig to be Jimmy Fallon's Late Night house band, a lot of people (including fans and certain band members) thought it was something of a retirement gig. Not the case. They've continued recording and touring steady since. Case in point: the new Roots album to drop June 22.

Rumor has it that the Roots have enlisted MC Blu for a feature on this album, as well as some other high class guests. Also, ?uesto alleges that a collaboration album with John Legend is in the works. Aside from that, they're still kicking ass as the greatest band on late night television.
"Muddy Swim Trunks" from Asher's new mixtape, Seared Foie Gras with Quince & Cranberry. Also, be sure to catch some upcoming (hopefully soon) new work from Asher alongside greats like Lupe Fiasco, The Cool Kids, Wale, and others in Lupe's new hip-hop collective The All City Chess Club. Ya dig?

Niiiice. Did you catch his literal transition from Asleep in the Bread Aisle to Seared Foie Gras with Quince & Cranberry? Yesir.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Check out HH if you live in the Bay Area. They'll be swinging by tonight!

Via FroLab...

“The tri-coastal trio of Stoney Rock (a.k.a. Black Spade) Ced No and Coultrain write bloodshot tracks in the same spirit at the Mizell Brothers and David Axelrod, (mostly) shunning vocals in favor of 700 ton funk grooves that are all laid-back Cadillac cruising. ”

Their debut EP featuring DamFunk and other Left Coast new funk luminaries has taken nightclubs and airwaves by storm, earning them a buzz that is being heard overseas as well as in California and up and down the west coast.

This is their SF debut performance! Three amazing artists in their own right rocking together, with DJ Sake One keeping the party motivated before and after their performance.

SOM Is one of the Mission District’s flyest spaces, and the Bay Area’s go-to spot for great music and good vibes.

Join us this Saturday!

$5 cover before 11pm | No dress code | Plenty of parking | Great sound system and one of SF’s best cocktail menus!

More new music from M.I.A. If you missed it, be sure to check out her recent (controversial) video for "Born Free" HERE.

Unfortunately, this song kind of sucks.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Words from the wise:
"When you gonna drop that verse / ***** you takin long."
-Jay Electronica

Monday, May 10, 2010

As a special treat for Mother's Day yesterday, Dead Prez presents "The Beauty Within." Props to Semtex for the link.

Happy Belated Mother's Day.
One of the originators of StL.'s the Force, Black Spade, sat down with Tech over at iRepSTL for a little chat. Rumor has it that Spade is working on some new material at the moment for his first mixtape, Build and Destroy. Hopefully we'll get a taste of that sometime soon.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

This one's for you, mom.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Reflection Eternal have dropped yet another video from their forthcoming sophomore album, Revolutions Per Minute, which drops May 18th. The track is called "Midnight Hour" and you can catch the behind-the-scenes footage HERE.

Friday, May 7, 2010

My mother called me today out of the blue to see if I'm still alive. Of course, my initial response was "...wait what? Why would I not be okay?" Her answer: "Well your brother said you hadn't posted anything on your blog for three days and we got worried."

So this one goes out to my brother. Yes Jordan, I'm still kickin.

PS: How the fuck old is Betty White? Golden Girls aired like 40 years ago and she looked old as hell then.

...Is Jay-Z hitting on her?

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Roc is back in business as far as Damon is concerned. Here's what he had to say (via RapBasement):
Dash recently hooked up with rapper Currensy to try and sign him reportedly to a pressing and distribution deal with Def Jam through the Roc-A-Fella imprint, which Def Jam owns, "The name is mine, I’ll take the blame for that, " Dash says. “Def Jam or Universal bought the brand. I think the ‘beef’ [with us and Jay-Z] was that Jay made it clear he didn’t want me or Biggs to be a part of it. That’s really where it was at. Now that he doesn’t work for Def Jam anymore, he doesn’t have the right to use the name. So there’s no reason for us not to use it. It’s there, and it’s a brand that’s not being used. So I was like, ‘I’ll take it.’ It always meant something to me."

In the UK, most likely following the Gorillaz performance on the same program (which you can catch HERE).


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