Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The first official Waitin for the DJ Summer Jam Tape is here. Be sure to slap this shit on CD-R and crank it up in the car with the windows down (unless you have the AC on - save that shit).

Also, download and/or purchase the projects available from all the featured artists. (You can get most of them for $0.)

Catch the download, tracklist, and links below.

Peace. Cool out.


01 Rockwell Knuckles: Bad Guy ft. Tef Poe (Choose Your Own Adventure)
02 Jonathan Toth from Hoth: 'Member That? (Sick Boys)
03 Black Spade: The Cool Out ft. El Prez & Vandalyzm (Build and Destroy)
04 Orie: Walk Away (What a Black Man Wants)
05 Teresa Jenee: What You Want ft. Bryant Stewart (Single)
06 Prince Ea: 4321 Freestyle (Single)
07 Jonezy: Top Notch ft. Spark1Duh? (Mr. FillintheBlank)
08 Vandalyzm: Dear Moleskine ft. Finale (Vandalyzm is Not the Father)
09 Nodzilla: A Better Way ft. Tef Poe (Nodzilla's Baadasssss EP)
10 Splitface: The Autumn (The Autumn EP)
11 Corey Black: Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll (Play it By Ear)
12 Steddy P: Format ft. Approach, DJ Mahf, & Reach (Format Digital 12")
13 Hawthorne Headhunters: Never Give Up (Hawthorne Headhunters Mixtape)
14 Earthworms: Circles ft. Raashan Ahmad (Nightcrawlers: 101 Mixtape)
15 Heavyset: Your Favorite MC (Heavyset EP)
16 William H: '96 Bulls (DOF: 103)



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