Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Curren$y sat down with Complex Magazine for an interview.
Here's the main points...

Why no Wiz on Pilot Talk? It's that business shit...

Complex: When I got the press release for Pilot Talk, I noticed the tracklist included songs with Wiz Khalifa, but those tracks didn’t make it on the album.

Curren$y: Well, you know how that go with deals and clearances. I just couldn’t get my man cleared in time. I don’t know what the deal was, but I couldn’t put those records out. I knew eventually somebody was gonna ask me what happened and why I don’t have him on my album, but that’s just a part of the game. That’s why I am the way I am, just on my own grind ’cause I don’t really understand how that work and why my dude couldn’t get on. I dunno. It’s that business shit.

And how did Spitta hook up with Dame Dash? (And is there going to be a BlakRoc 2?)
He called me because someone he knew had my number and he had asked his nephew and his son who he should fuck with if he was gonna try and make a comeback in this music shit, and they told him to try and find me. While they were telling him that, someone in the room just happened to have my number and he called me and told me he was working on the Blakroc project and I came out to check that shit out and get on Blakroc 2—and just from gettin’ on Blakroc 2, we formed a friendship and it’s been straight since.
How the fuck did he connect with Rick Ross for the "Super High" remix?
Through Twitter, man. You know me and Wiz are on that twitter so Ross hit us both on that cool, “come fuck with me, let’s do this ‘Super High’ remix.” We flew out there, smoked like three Os [ounces], and just did that shit.
What's the status on his relationship with Lil Wayne?
There isn’t one. I haven’t spoken to him in roughly two years.
Where did the JETS (Just Enjoy This Shit) slogan come from?
Just the shit I done gone through and seen what people have gone through, I realized that at the end of the day, the time that we got, we’re stuck here and there is nothing you can really do unless you gonna check yourself out. Unless you gonna kill yourself, in the meantime just enjoy this shit. Nobody can really do shit to you. No hate, nothin’ a sucka nigga can say will do anything to you, so you gotta say “fuck that” and keep doin’ ya thing until it’s over. So through all the shit I been through, I always maintained the same attitude because I always felt I was right.

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