Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's not about his money or his career, or even the influence of his participation in music in general. It's the fact that he's a regular ass, rational dude. I can respect that.

Below is a photo of his loft in downtown New York, right outside of "Ground Zero". Below that is a brief quote of his regarding the entire (distracting) "controversy" surrounding the building an Islamic community center somewhere relatively nearby.

“I hope some yogi sees om. I hope that some Christian sees the cross. I hope that some Jewish person sees Star of David. I want people to see their images. That’s the idea to coexist and to learn to love each other. I’m appalled that there’s even a dialogue about it…Roughly two billion muslims in the world did not attack us. America is using the mosque and Ground Zero as a mask for its own Islamophia.”



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