Monday, August 23, 2010

“The Friends ‘n’ Strangers.” “Friends are like seasons a little bit,” Wale explains. “It’s kinda talking about a personal relationship I had with one of my friends in the industry. And a relationship I had about two or three years ago with a lady I was kinda real close to. I was feeling pressure to be in a serious relationship when I just needed that moral support.”

“The MC.” “You have to listen to this record. It’s not because I feel it’s the strongest song, but my whole brand is about fly stuff. Women, clothes, hip-hop culture. Everybody from Diddy to Jay — I hate to name-drop — they talk about the show. ‘Have you seen the show? Wale’s live show?’ One day I was in Diddy’s crib and he said, ‘The song is cool, but everybody talks about the live show.’ So I got in the studio and said, how can I make the song feel like a live show? So that’s how ‘The MC’ was created. It defines me. A lot of energy, spittin’. We’re gonna use that song for a lot of years to come.”



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