Wednesday, September 22, 2010

From Gold Dust Records:
Given his obscured identity, deadpan delivery, and thick wordplay, one could be forgiven for thinking DOOM's music might be difficult to translate to a live show. But one listen to his new live album Expektoration should clear up any worries right quick. Simply put, DOOM gets live as hell. Covering a range of indispensable material from his Mm.. Food disc, his Madvillain collaboration with Madlib, and his debut Operation Doomsday, Expektoration is a document of one of the world's finest emcees doing what he does best. Though he'll always be something of an enigma, this performance should leave no question as to his abilities in front of a crowd.

Expektoration Live is now available on CD and Digital Download.

You can get a free download track right HERE.




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