Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's almost as if Lupe realized that the BET cyphers were dope, but he knew he could do something nicer. (Kinda like when he saw that the MTV lyricist list was nice, but he wasn't on there so he dropped the Enemy of the State Mixtape and left everybody floored.)

The official All City Chess Club remix of "I'm Beaming" (which they've chosen to call "We Beamin") features the whole crew: Asher, Lupe, Charles Hamilton (in the making of something like a come-back), both Cool Kids (as featured in Travis Barker's new track/video, "Drop Down"), Blu, Diggy (as seen in the Dynasty Cypher - in which he uses the same damn line "only 15 but my 16 is strong", but no hate), Dosage, and B.o.B.

Enjoy that shit.
(If it's anything like the Child Rebel Soldier project, you won't be getting another track for around two years.)
...Speaking of which, did you catch that new one that got forcibly taken off the blog yesterday? Sorry if you missed it. Just google it.




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