Friday, October 29, 2010

Alright, it's Friday night and the entries are in.

Technically, both of these people are winning the same prize, but I'm gonna go ahead and name them 1st and 2nd place based on when they sent in their entries. They both win a set of two tickets to the Secret Sound Festival for Saturday, October 30th (that's tomorrow!) so they can kick off their Halloween festivities right.

First place goes to Mike Votaw, who claims to have spent 4 hours on photoshop in order to kick this badboy out the first day of the contest. Check him out below with the band Spelling Bee dressed up like a whole bunch of Robocops standing by as bearplanes (awesome) destroy the city. (Sidenote: it's interesting that the polar bear shoots lasers while the grizzly spits fire. I would have thought it more sensible for a polar bear to have evolved the fire power to keep warm out on the ice. Hm.)

Second place goes to Karyn Light for her postcard from Castle Frankenstein. How nice of the angry villagers who live below the castle to mass market a souvenir item that bears the image of her with the group Scripts 'N Screwz (although she herself doesn't appear to have been prepared for the photo-op.). It's a surefire way to increase tourism to an area so wracked with misfortune.

Hopefully everybody enjoys the festival tomorrow. If you didn't participate this time around, be sure to catch the next official Waitin for the DJ contest and/or giveaway. Stay posted on Facebook or Twitter (links to both are up on the top of the web page) and of course (soon to be!).




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