Friday, October 15, 2010

The 9Ball crew has a new project we are very excited about. Scrub and M.A. Double have teamed as the Super Delegates and deliver their debut album, 'Too Big to Fail.' They collaborated previously on Scrub's solo album.

The Super Delegates aim to create cohesive albums comprised of innovative lyrics and progressive soundscapes. Scrub (lyrics) and M.A. Double (beats) use their shared ecclectic influences to ignore convention and deliver an original sound.

Scrub and M.A. Double have been collaborating for years and experimenting with elements of blues, funk, garage and soul melded within a hip-hop framework. The album shifts smoothly from the rapid-fire delivery of songs such as "Thriller" and "If It's Got a Bad Taste..," to the funk-laden "Tightrope" and gritty "Six Feet Away." The Super Delegates offer inspired material created with a respect for the listener. For more information, please visit :

Adam Estep
9Ball Ent.

The Super D's debut album will be released on 10.26.10. You can stream the album at



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