Monday, October 18, 2010

It's a double whammy today in the realm of St. Louis hip-hop. Two huge videos dropping at the same time?? A true hip-hop double feature. Catch the first (Black Spade's "Runnin and Gunnin") and then check this bad boy out.

This one especially is like a who's who of St. Louis hip-hop, including a large portion of the Force collective. Another 10 points to whoever can list us all.


"Sorta Invincible" by Rockwell Knuckles (prod. by Trifeckta)
from the album Choose Your Own Adventure

Listen to the whole album here:​TSS/​2010/​03/​download-rockwell-knuckles-choose-your-own-adventure

Director: Eugene Tsimerman
DOP: Ryan Powell
Production Assistant: Kaveh Razani
Editor: DMNDTV
Producer: Flying Fish Productions
Original Album Artwork: Alex Petrowsky



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