Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Chalk Boyz are back with a whole slew of bangers on their debut mixtape, Chalk Dirty to Me.

Seemingly without effort, the Boyz frolic from one industry beat to the next, running amok on every semblance of arrogance you can hear in the original artists' voices, leaving muddy footprints behind them and leaving the damn door open when they exit. It's anybody's guess whether those two big ass smiles are innocent signs of excitement or devious grins directed at any artist caught with their head up their ass.

If none of this makes any sense to you, just download the mixtape and rock to it for a bit. Not many artists successfully combine humor, wit, and skill, but the Chalk Boyz seem to flout all three and then some. Chalk Dirty to Me is a necessary chill pill in today's realm of popular hip-hop.

Be sure to download Chalk Dirty to Me for free in its entirety below, and stop by ChalkBoyz.com to check out whatever else they have goin on.

"Who the fuck's house is this???"



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