Sunday, November 14, 2010

You won't catch me posting many tracks from Nelly, despite the fact that he's arguably the most popular name in music from St. Louis right now (which kinda sucks since he's all but fallen off the radar in the past five-or-more years). Still, this one I couldn't pass up.

The song itself, called "Go", honestly isn't that great - in fact, it didn't make it on the album proper, just the bonus tracks on the deluxe edition. The reasons it's post-worthy are 1) it features Talib Kweli, and 2) Nelly's actually rapping about something worth listening to. I'm not sure if he's changing his tone a bit to fit Kweli's style or what, but I like what he's doing.

Just ditch the pop-country riff and cheese ball hook and you might have a good track here.


Spotted @ RapRadar.



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