Sunday, November 7, 2010

In the grand tradition of dub pioneer Scientist, local beatsmith, Splitface, just dropped a new collaborative album with the Trifidelix. The 12-track, hip-hop-infused electro-funk masterpiece can be downloaded in its entirety from Crew 932.

Here it is in Split's own words:
Here's a free new album out today and music video with live experimental electronic trio The Trifidelix from Mascoutah, IL. The Trifidelix is made up of June 16th (whom I made the Raydeeohh album with: ), 3Sleeves and another swell gentleman who goes by the moniker German Mic. All of these songs were recorded and improvised live without rehearsal using keyboards, samplers, drum machines, synthesizers and effect modules.

Sample a couple tracks below, catch the new promo vid below that, and download the album whenever you're fully prepared right here:

Splitface Meets The Trifidelix by Crew932



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