Sunday, December 5, 2010

This blog seems to be taking a very quick, sharp turn towards the underground. I've always had love for independent and alternative artists, but the past couple weeks has been overwhelming in solid music from the non-major folks. This is for sure a good thing.

The next notable news from under the radar comes from Chuck.Tailor. His Good.Luck.Chuck.SomeX.Music.Sux EP, which has a real grainy Blu style to it, is one of the realest projects I've heard recently. The manner in which it was recorded is an inspiring throwback to say the least. Read it in his own words:
a short collection of some raw hip hop shit, i recorded this whole record in one evening, no soundproofing,no engineers, just me, some green and a couple of Heinekens.
i try 2 get as much done when i can
If you like it dope, if not…..
oh well thats hip hop.
I intended this project to be reminiscent of an old demo tape,
you know!? when labels actually had artist development, and would help mold an artist, so i apologize for the sound quality, but id rather you get the point
released 06 December 2010

I wanna hear him on a track with Black Spade. Let's make it happen.

Listen here and be sure to download and support.




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