Friday, December 10, 2010

On December 25, 2010 Scripts' N Screwz will release The Hangover EP as a digital stocking stuffer and in anticipation of their upcoming sophomore full-length, Smoke and Mirrors, due out on The VE Company in 2011. The Hangover EP will be available to download on Christmas Day at

The six song EP includes the first single "On 10" from the upcoming album which SNS released a video for earlier this year that you can watch here. Tracks "SNS" and Jet Lag" showcases the East St. Louis duo's clever lyrical versatility and plays out like an spacey, electronic funk dream. The Hangover EP builds from a sonically diverse palate that is both refreshing and cleverly executed reaffirming comparisons to Outkast. For the past four years, these multi-media artists have kept a grand vision of producing original, experimental hip hop and The Hangover EP is a noteworthy culmination of talent and a dynamic introduction to the soon-to-be-released Smoke and Mirrors.

Come Christmas Day SNS will be waiting to crash your your traditional Holiday gatherings with six soulful, mind expanding tracks from The Hangover EP.

The Hangover EP tracklist:
1. Jet Lag
2. The Morning After
3. On 10
4. Showtime
5. SNS
6. Soundboys

Press Quotes:
"With their smart and innovative lyrics, eclectic music, and die-hard work ethic, Scripts 'N Screwz will make people believe. A change is coming and Scripts 'N Screwz may very well be leading the wave of new Midwest and mainstream hip-hop." - Consequence of Sound

"Lyrically, Noise tends to avoid most of the biggest clich├ęs associated with the genre; its songs thoughtfully touch on subjects like war, poverty and crazy women... the album is ambitious and well-executed, providing listeners an impressive amount of variety - while offering an intelligent alternative to commercial rap." - The Riverfront Times



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