Thursday, January 13, 2011

To be perfectly honest, I only first gave Little Dragon a chance when I heard them on the Gorillaz' latest album, "Plastic Beach", on which they're featured on two complete songs. After that I (...) acquired they're Machine Dreams LP and gave it a concentrated listen.

Needless to say (otherwise I wouldn't be posting this video), the album was more than a pleasant surprise. Their unique blend of electronic and dance sounds with indie-styled vocals and a hip-hopper's attention to beats is not something to be discarded.

Machine Dreams comes with my personal recommendation, as does this somewhat creepy video below. But hey, anyone willing to put this much time into crafting and animating little puppets must be worth the listen, right? Besides, where else can you see a puppet show in which the puppets get stoned in a dark alley and hallucinate dancing around in the clouds?




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