Monday, January 24, 2011

Max Tannone has brought about many amazing mashup projects - most notably Jaydiohead (Jay-Z x Radiohead), Mos Dub (Mos Def x countless classic reggae and ska artists), and more recently Dub Kweli (same as Mos Dub but with Talib Kweli vocals).

Even though these projects all dropped some time ago, fans are still finding new and artistic ways to spread the music. Most recently, somebody took a track from Mos Dub called "Mr. Universe" and created an amazing video to go along with it.

Here's what Max had to say about the fan video:
One of the cool aspects of the video is it samples some footage from the original Jaydiohead video (created by Jason Cacioppo). Remix within a remix?!? Remember in Ghostbusters when they said "don't cross the streams"? Well we did, 'cuz we're crazy like that. Enjoy.
Check out the video below and chill.



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