Thursday, January 13, 2011

The producer/singer/rapper from Hawthorne Headhunters just dropped a new video for a solo joint he did called "Life". Proh & Mc outline the stresses of trying to hold down a steady relationship while stuck in the role of "struggling artist". Directed and filmed by Mc ADad.

Catch this song and other soulful jams on Proh Mic's free EP, Catch a Pisces.

Download it HERE.

Catch a Pisces tracklisting:
1. Pisces (InProh)
2. Dynoman!
3. Hypnotize
4. 80′s Baby
5. Street Life
6. Carribean Swang
7. Gettin’ High
8. Material Girl produced by Vitamin D
9. Life feat. Adad produced by Vitamin D
10. Where’s The D at?
11. The Real (OutProh)
All songs produced by Proh Mic for Nice 2 Beat U™ except #8 & #9 produced by Vitamin D




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