Wednesday, January 12, 2011

While the larger portion of popular music remains firmly stuck on glorified stupidity and cloned styles, the underground is gradually leaning ever more towards intelligent, soulful poetry. Finally, the block isn't the only reputable place to sit and write rhymes, even if that is where you started. Hopefully, the era of Dumb It Down is finally coming to a close.

Memphis lyricist Soulfully, Me is a part of the college-educated wave of young rappers making smart cool again. His latest project, Confessions of a College Kid, brings chilled out vibes that you can rock from the quad to the bus stop and beyond.

Check out a sample below and download the project over at Soulfully, Me's bandcamp page.

Memphis, Tennessee artist Soulfully, Me has recently released his highly-anticipated debut mixtape: Confessions of a College Kid. Soulfully, Me has an addicting style not known to many Southern artists. This mixtape is a journey back into the glory days of hip-hop. Infused with melodic hooks, MC driven verses, and the dream of upholding the genre of hip hop that has began to tarnish, Soulfully, Me strives to push the envelope of creativity to new plateaus of musical genius.



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